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How to paste tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-30

Many owners may not be very clear about some of the main processes in the application of ceramic tiles. Now let the editor talk about the main procedures of glue tile for everyone. Hope to help everyone.

How to lay tiles

1. Before tiling, you need to measure the level of the ground, so that you can understand the slope of the ground and better control the paving Effect. If the wall and floor are uneven, first use 1:3 cement mortar to level the base (gray cake standard reinforcement), 6 mm thick, and chisel hair after 3-4 days; the base layer chisel depth is 5-10mm, and the chisel distance is 30mm. Do not damage the load-bearing wall structure and the outer wall at the left and right sides.

2. Sampling check whether the tiles are flat, the shape is square, whether there are spots, glaze bubbles, bumps, cracks, lack of glaze, etc.; different colors and specifications should be stored separately. Determine the number of tiles to be used in each row and column according to the floor area and tile size, determine the layout of tiles, try not to have narrow columns less than one-third, and adjust the design if necessary to reduce loss; tiles should be soaked for half a day before use , Subject to the bricks not bubbling to avoid cracking due to different water absorption rates.

3. Use nylon thread to pull out the ground elevation line on the wall elevation point, as well as the vertical cross positioning line. When marking, leave a gray seam, 3mm for external wall tiles and 1.5mm for internal wall tiles , Floor tiles 3-5mm, leave 200mm300mm away from the wall as the adjustment interval. Spread a layer of mortar on the ground, the ratio of mortar to water is 3:1, and the thickness of the mortar is 3-4 cm. After forming a semi-dry layer, use a spatula and a trowel to fill the surface.

4. After the soaked tiles are taken out, they are dried in the shade, and the grout is hung on the back of the tiles, and the leveling is no more than 8mm (the middle is slightly higher than the surroundings); the high part is flattened with a rubber hammer, and the low Part of the tiles should be lifted up with cement grout; use a rubber hammer to make sure that every 8-10 pieces of laying should be corrected with a level, and the seam should be straightened with a clip; use a rubber hammer and a level to check the hollow and level of the tiles Circumstances, the entire floor has been laid, and after confirming that the pattern and texture are correct, the joint can be filled with a caulking agent the next day.

This is the end of the message about adhesive tiles. To learn more about ceramic tiles, you need more patience. Hope you all know more.

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