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How to lay tiles quickly and well

by:JIABANG     2021-04-27

Paving tiles in the decoration can be said to be a necessary step. Although you do not need to do it yourself, some experience still needs to be understood, so that you will not be ignorant during construction. Tile experience can definitely avoid many problems. Let’s take a look at the 10 experiences of laying tiles!

10 must-see experiences for laying tiles

1. Tile soaking


Generally, wall tiles need to be soaked in water before paving, but we need to pay attention to that the tiles will affect secondary sales after soaking in water, and they will not be returned, so we need to determine the approximate need during construction. Use as many tiles as you need, soak as many as you need, so as not to cause unnecessary waste.

2. Make a plan for laying bricks.

Before laying the tiles, some workers start laying by themselves. In fact, it is wrong. You need to make a plan for laying bricks before laying. .

3. If you find a tile problem, you should notify it in time

You need to tell the worker that if you find a tile problem, you need to communicate immediately, so that you can ask the material party and the construction party to identify and solve it in time problem.

4. Properly deploy cement sand mixing ratio

The mixing ratio of cement sand is 1:3 for wall tiles, 1:2 for floor tiles, and cement label is 32.5 cement. Be cautious when placing floor tiles on the wall. It is recommended to use pure tile adhesive stickers from well-known brands.

5. Be careful when processing ceramic tiles.

When placing ceramic tiles, you will encounter external corners. At this time, you must be careful when grinding the edges. Do not damage the glaze layer of the tiles. Pay attention to the gaps when connecting. , Can't be too small. For some tiles that need to be cut, it is best to have them cut by the material supplier before they are delivered.

6. Sealing flue ducts and building walls must be treated in a standardized manner

When rebuilding the walls, large core boards cannot be used as wall materials. Tiles can easily cause the ceramic tiles to arch, fall off and crack. Moreover, the service life of the board in a humid environment is not long.

7. The gap of the ceramic tile should not be too small.

The gap of the ceramic tile is too small to reduce the service life of the decking tile. When the ceramic tile undergoes thermal expansion and contraction, Crack the glaze. Recommendation: Whether it is seamed or seamless ceramic tiles, be sure to leave seams during construction. You can consult the material supplier in advance when you buy it. This article was originally created by Song Ye, the author of WeChat Official Account Decoration 33 Days.

8. It is best to fill the joints after the tiles are dry.

The tiles are not completely dry. If they are jointed immediately, the tiles will loosen, which will cause the tiles to fall off in the later stage. Security risks. Suggestion: The jointing should be done after the tiles are dry, generally after 24 hours.

9. Clean the wall before tiling

If you have scratched the putty on the wall before, you need to shovel the putty and then tiling. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the hollow drum of the tiles to fall off.

10. Take care when paving.

Do not scratch or pollute the outdoor wood deck tiles surface. Don't walk around the outdoor wood deck tiles surface that is not dry when painting or coating the wall, otherwise it will damage the tiles.

The above are the 10 must-see experiences in tile laying. After reading it, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of tile laying and can do better supervision when decorating. , If the above introduction is helpful to everyone, then please continue to pay attention to this website, please look forward to more exciting!

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