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How to lay the aisle tiles is the best?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-30

The best way to pave the floor tiles is symmetrical. If the aisle is connected to other places such as the living room with floor tiles, but it cannot be directly connected, it can be separated by a waveguide line or an interface line. It can even be separated by a whole pattern outdoor wood deck tiles. This area is more obvious and neat. The following big paving schemes, from the simplest entry level to the most luxurious supreme level, there is always a home suitable for you!

Simple and pure! Use corrugated lines or crimping lines

Simple and pure, use tiles to lay the whole box, simple and generous, and save the amount of tiles.

The same tiles, different colors

Don't want the aisle effect to be too single, use a mix of tiles with multiple tones, and the simple and bright color jumps will bring more pleasing visual effects.

If you pursue a coordinated effect, it is best to control tiles of different colors in the same color system. If the color difference is too large, it will easily appear messy.

Add some embellishments to the tiles

Isn't it enough to hit the lines or the colors? You can add some small-size tiles of other colors as an embellishment to the tiles that are paved or obliquely paved.

Multi-specification tile combination paving

Different specifications of tiles are combined and pasted in a certain way, and then combined with wave line. The operation is relatively complicated, but the effect is eye-catching.

This kind of paving scheme has higher requirements for the master craftsmanship, and may cause greater tile loss.

Ceramic tile cutting and parquet

No parquet, not luxurious. The magnificent tiles are finely cut and assembled into luxurious and glamorous mosaics, which will definitely shine.

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