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How to lay pool tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-10

   Summer is coming, many of us will have an idea to go swimming in the pool to cool down the temperature. If you have been there, you should have noticed a phenomenon that the pool tiles seem to be different from our general interior decoration How special are pool tiles when they are laid? Let’s take a look at swimming pool tiles briefly.

   1. Before the pool is ready to be laid, it is generally necessary to strengthen technical disclosure and model guidance, formulate effective management measures, and solve 'seepage, leakage, voids, cracks, Common quality problems such as 'pollution' are quite troublesome.

  2. The grassroots treatment should also be in place, so that it is solid and level without debris, and the grassroots should be watered and moist before paving.

  3. Strengthen the acceptance of materials in the field, pay attention to the selection of the types of tiles on special parts of the swimming pool. The tiles need to be cut to achieve accurate size control, especially the corner tiles at the corners of the pool. It is very troublesome if there is an accident because the corner is too sharp.

  4. The swimming pool tiles are bonded with special vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles adhesive, and the joints are filled with special caulking agent. The ash thickness is 3mm. The measurement must be accurate here.

  5. After the pool wall is finished, pave the bottom of the pool, and finally the position of the handrail and other accessories.

   6. Intensify management and supervision, timely check workers’ split lines, tile joints, and use horizontal rulers to check the verticality and flatness of the tiles that have been laid.

  7. After the tiles are laid, use special caulking agent to fill the joints, and the color and luster must be uniform and the gaps are full. After filling the joints, take maintenance measures in time. After all, they are used outdoors, and if you need to install so much water, you still need to take sufficient measures.

   These are some of the special features of pool tiles in this issue. Are they different from our daily tiling requirements? After all, if these are not done well, an accident will be a big trouble. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to the official website.


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