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How to distinguish polished tiles and polished glazed tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-21
How to distinguish polished tiles and polished glazed tiles? We know that there are many classifications of ceramic tiles, so today I will tell you how we should distinguish between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles. 1. The definition of polished tiles and polished glazed tiles is different: polished tiles are bricks without glazed surfaces, which belong to whole-body tiles. They are polished and polished directly on the fired whole-body outdoor wood deck tiles body. The hardness is relatively moderate and the price is slightly lower. ; Polished glazed tiles are glazed tiles, which are printed and glazed on the basis of polished tiles. These glazes will not penetrate into the outdoor wood deck tiles body, so there is a very thin glazed layer on the surface of the tiles, with rich glazed patterns and colorful colors. . 2. The color and texture of the polished tiles and polished tiles are different: polished tiles generally have a single surface texture, and the color of the tiles is monotonous. The color of the 1-2mm of the polished tile is the same as the tile surface because the color of the polished tile penetrates into the tile. The body leads. The polished glazed tiles have a very thin glazed surface layer, which is rich in patterns, colorful, smooth and bright; polished tiles are often simple and generous, while polished glazed tiles are beautiful and gorgeous. 3. The antifouling ability of polished tiles and polished glaze tiles is different: the surface of polished tiles may contain small bubbles, which can easily hide dirt and dirt. The surface of polished glaze tiles will be printed and glazed. There are small pores, so in terms of anti-fouling performance, polished glazed tiles win; 4. Differentiate from the wear resistance of polished tiles and polished glazed tiles: polished tiles are fired twice and are hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in toilets , It is used in most indoor spaces other than the kitchen, such as for balcony, exterior wall decoration, etc.; polished glazed tile is a layer of thin glaze added to the surface of the polished tile to make the surface smoother, but its wear resistance will be better than that of polished tile. worse. 5. Distinguish the difference from the process difference between polished tiles and polished outdoor ceramic tile: the surface of the polished tile body is directly polished and then fired at high temperature and high pressure, so it has the characteristics of high density and more wear resistance; polished glazed tiles are A layer of glaze is applied to the body and then polished. It combines the advantages of polished tiles and antique tiles. There are many styles, and various textures can be made and extended to fully polished glazed tiles, imitation marble tiles, polished crystal tiles, etc. Various types of tiles. 6. The difference between the size and price of polished tiles and polished glazed tiles: Compared with polished outdoor ceramic tile, polished tiles are larger tiles, and many of them are 600, 800, polished Compared with polished glazed tiles, the price of polished glazed tiles is lower; while polished glazed tiles are often 300*300 small floor tiles. The craftsmanship is more complicated than polished tiles. The exterior has the rich colors of glazed tiles and the brightness and cleanness of polished tiles, so the price is higher than polished tiles. expensive. The above is the article on how to distinguish between polished tiles and polished outdoor ceramic tile. I believe you will know more about these two types of tiles after reading this article.
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