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How to distinguish between good and bad tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27
Source: Would you buy ceramic tiles? If not, then you have to take a good look at this article of mine. In the following, the editor will tell you how to distinguish between good and bad ceramic tiles, as well as the method of purchasing flooring, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If I want to let the editor choose to use the floor or ceramic tiles, the editor will choose to use the floor. How to distinguish between good and bad ceramic tiles: Today, the editor tells you the problem related to house decoration, that is, the problem of ceramic tiles. 2. Look, mainly to see if there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, missing edges, and missing corners on the surface of the tile. Also pay attention to whether there are defects such as missed polishing, missed grinding, etc. . Check the trademark mark of the base material, the product base material produced by the regular manufacturer has a clear product trademark mark. If there is no or particularly vague, it is recommended to choose carefully! 3. Products with good quality and high-density bricks feel heavier, on the contrary, products with inferior quality feel lighter. Listen, by tapping on the tiles, by listening to the sound to identify the quality of the tiles, the following describes the percussion method according to the two aspects of kitchen and bathroom wall tiles and vitrified tiles: wall tiles or small-size tiles are generally separated with one hand and five fingers , Hold the tile, tap the face of the tile with the other hand. If the sound is metallic, the quality of the tile is better. 4. Floor tiles (vitrified tiles or antique tiles used in the living room and other floors) use one hand to lift one side of the tile, and use the upper part of the palm of the other hand to hit the middle of the tile. If the sound is thick and the echo is long If the sound of the bronze bell is struck, the ceramic tile has a high degree of porcelain, strong wear resistance, high flexural strength, low water absorption, and is not easy to be polluted. If the sound is turbid and there is no echo, the degree of porcelain is low (or even exists Cracks), the decking tile body is not fully calcined, the wear resistance is poor, the flexural strength is low, and the water absorption rate will be higher. Such vitrified tiles are easily contaminated. How to choose and buy the floor: The lighting of the room can also limit the choice of floor color. In a well-lit room, you can choose a larger range, and you can control both dark and light colors. For rooms with lower floors and insufficient lighting, you should choose some floor materials with higher brightness and more suitable colors, and avoid using darker materials as much as possible. 2. Ground color matching. The color of the ground is to bring out the color of the furniture, and the decoration of the ground is a long-term decoration, under normal circumstances, it will not be replaced frequently, so everyone should consider many factors when choosing. Among them, earth and neutral colors have always been the mainstream colors, but if they are properly matched, dark and light colors can achieve the desired effect. 3. Everyone knows that colors can affect people's visual effects. Warm colors are expansion colors, and cool colors are contraction colors. Therefore, dark and cool colors should be chosen for the floor of a room with a small area, which will make people feel that the area is large. If you choose a warm color floor with strong colors, the space will appear narrower and increase the sense of depression. In addition, in the choice of floor patterns, small textures or straight-grain effects should be preferred to avoid large and disorderly patterns. Flooring is the most commonly used decoration material in house decoration, so when you buy floors, you must buy them carefully. Follow the methods I said above to buy, so that you can buy good floors. , So as to make the house decoration beautiful. The advantage of the floor will be much higher than that of the decking tile. I suggest you choose to use the floor.
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