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How to clean and maintain marble

by:JIABANG     2021-07-25
How to clean and maintain marble? Although the decoration of marble is indeed very beautiful, more attention should be paid to cleaning and maintenance. Today, the editor will tell you about this problem. 1. Marble tile cleaning tips 1. Use dry mops as much as possible when cleaning and mopping the floor daily, and use less wet mops. 2. If there are scratches on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface, you can apply toothpaste on the scratches and wipe them with a dry cloth to repair them. Partially damaged severely should be replaced and re-paved in time. 3. Use a decontamination paste to remove dirt from the brick and outdoor wood deck tiles joints from time to time, and then brush a layer of waterproofing agent on the cracks to prevent mold growth. 4. For cleaning and cleaning agents, use detergent, soap, etc. to clean, add a little ammonia and pine oil mixture with soap to clean the tiles to make the tiles more shiny. 2. Marble tile maintenance skills 1. In daily use, avoid using metal sharps, glass ceramics, iron nails and other hard objects to hit or rub the ground. 2. Generally, stains on the surface can be removed with a damp cloth. 3. You can buy decontamination cream and wipe it clean. 4. In order to prevent water seepage and mold growth, you can brush water repellent in the gaps. 5. Lift up any heavy furniture and everything. The above is the article on how to clean and maintain marble organized by the editor. I hope everyone can know how to clean and maintain after reading this article.
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