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How to choose tile floor and maintain it

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18
In modern room design, since ceramic tiles have always been scrubbing resistant, non-deformable, waterproof, and wear-resistant, they play an important role in decorative materials. But for the ceramic tiles in the homes of ordinary residents who have been used for a long time, why can some of them remain as bright as new? While others are facing such 'face problems' as damage, scratches, and falling off? Many people think that ceramic tiles have encountered problems. The 'face problem' must be a quality problem, and related experts said that the short life of ceramic tiles is not necessarily a product quality problem. In many cases, improper maintenance will also cause a short life of ceramic tiles. Therefore, the selection, cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tiles and floor tiles is a topic of concern to many netizens. How to do it well? 1. Look at the product packaging. Generally, it is packaged in a carton. The production name and product name should be printed on the packaging box. Trademark, size, grade, color number, etc. Some are also printed with a logo that has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification. There should also be a product certificate in the packing box. When buying ceramic tiles, be sure to choose products with complete and clear markings, especially whether the selected ceramic tiles are consistent with the specifications and color numbers marked on the packaging box. 2. Look at the appearance of the product. Randomly check a few tiles in the packing box to see if the product surface has the following defects: lack of glaze, spots, cracks, bumps, glaze bubbles, peeling edges, ripples, etc. Generally 3M away from the porcelain visual inspection, the defect is not obvious, and it will not affect the use as a qualified product. There is a product trademark on the back of each tile. Adhesive glaze that hinders bonding and other obvious drops that affect the use are not allowed on the side and back. 3. Look at the color difference. As the number of tiles purchased at a time is large, if there is obvious color difference, the decoration effect will be greatly affected. It is necessary to sample and compare all packaged products to observe the change of color difference. Those with large color difference cannot be used. Also pay attention to whether the colors of the tiles in each box are consistent with or without color difference. 4. Listen to the sound of ceramic tiles. Identify the intrinsic quality of the ceramic tiles. You can't see it by looking. You can use percussion to distinguish from the sound. The method is: hold up a tile with both hands, tap the corner of one brick lightly on the surface of the other outdoor wood deck tiles, the sound is clear and loud, it is better to burn it; if it is dull, it is bad, it means that there is heavy leather or inside the brick. The phenomenon of cracks, heavy leather is that when the outdoor wood deck tiles is formed, the air in the material is not discharged, resulting in poor bonding between the material and the material, internal cracks, which cannot be seen from the surface, and can only be identified by listening to the sound. Tile home maintenance strategy Start from the tile paving, all the problems such as loosening, falling off, and water seepage will be suppressed in the cradle. So why does the tiles fall off? That is because the cement mortar is used as the adhesive for tile paving, and the tiles after paving can easily absorb the moisture in the cement mortar. Cement that has lost a large amount of water in the curing process will reduce the bonding strength, so it is easy for the tile and cement to loosen and fall off. Therefore, before paving, it is necessary to clean up the dirt on the ground to make the cement and the ground fully fit. Before the tiles are laid, it is necessary to soak in water to prevent the tiles from sucking mud moisture.  Secondly, there must be a gap during the tile laying process. According to different tile sizes, the gap is generally between 1-5mm. The purpose of this is to reduce the impact of the product size deviation, and the second is to prevent the tiles from being squeezed due to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in uneven or peeling tiles.    According to the nature of the stain, choose a suitable cleaning agent to remove it. Acid-base cleaners can effectively remove stains on the surface of the tile, but since the acid-base components may cause corrosion on the surface of the tile, it should not be used frequently, and more neutral cleaners should be used.   In addition, in the cleaning process, we must not only remove the stains on the surface of the tiles, but also clean up the gaps at the tile joints, such as gap cleaning. You can use a soft brush dipped in a little detergent and brush the gaps lightly. After cleaning, brush a layer of waterproof protective agent on the gaps to prevent mold growth. After using for a long time, the surface of the tiles will often appear uneven due to friction, accumulation and other problems. Regular surface care for the tiles, the time interval is 2 to 3 months, which can effectively restore the surface gloss of the tiles. At the same time, the service life of ceramic tiles is extended. When waxing floor tiles, clean the stains thoroughly and then wax surface treatment. Apply the wax evenly on the floor tiles. Generally, wait for it to dry within 8 hours after waxing. It is not advisable to trample on the surface to prevent leaving marks.
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