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How to choose the suitable ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-12

when it comes to ceramic tile ceramic tile, many home decorate a friend estimates will not feel strange, because the ceramic tile ceramic tile is to use when decorate, this small make up to simple about the simple classification of ceramic tile, hope you can help to your selection to the appropriate tile! Little detours.

1。 Polishing brick

polishing brick is a kind of outdoor ceramic tile, common popular point, polishing brick is surface after grinding/polishing treatment of a light brick, is a member of the outdoor wood deck tiles. Is relative to connect body brick and character, polishing brick surface is much more bright and clean. Its advantage is the original stone material the polished bright and clean, more fully like a mirror. The use of polishing brick can make the space look more bright, insufficient light friends can use more at home.

2。 Archaize brick

archaize brick is a kind of very popular on the market of ceramic tile, see this kind of ceramic tile is mostly small make up in some public places, such as some of the more advanced, the archaize brick in essence belongs to the ordinary ceramic tile, and the disk is basically the same, the so-called antique, refers to the effect of the brick, should call the effect of archaize ceramic tile, archaize brick is not difficult to clean. The only difference is in the process of firing, archaize brick require relatively high technical content, after thousands of tons of hydraulic press pressing, then through red high temperature sintering, so it is durable, and decorate the effect is very good.

3。 Ceramic Mosaic

this estimate is a relatively small ceramic tile, actually is Mosaic tiles, is characterized by low shape, design and color is diversiform, wear-resisting, acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, its use more widely. From the material can be divided into ceramic horse, marble, glass Mosaic. Because of its small and color is diversiform, very suitable for small area, metope and ground. Besides the quantity a little bit more, the advantage is relatively more.

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