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How to choose the color of balcony tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-04-28

   When decorating the balcony in the house, you should not be careless. Just deal with the simple decoration. Our balcony decoration is actually a facade of the home, so we must know what color to use for balcony tiles and what color to use for balcony tiles. Fortunately, there is also an overall style that can be used to create the balcony decoration, so what color is the most important for the balcony tiles, so how to choose the color of the balcony tiles?

  1. Choose tiles for balcony decoration according to the orientation, and decide according to the actual situation of your own balcony. Because the balcony is a more casual place, it is best to use some bright colors, vibrant, close to the outdoors Scenery tiles. Of course, it should be based on the orientation of the balcony. For example, for the balcony facing south, it is better to choose cooler tiles due to more sunlight, while for the balcony facing north, it is cooler and colder to the north, so warm tiles need to be integrated! In terms of material, it is best to choose the one with better wear resistance and weather resistance.  2. It depends on the function.   (1). If it is an encapsulated balcony, after opening up with the room, you can choose the same vitrified tiles as the room. If the balcony is not sealed, you can use tiles with good waterproof performance. If you need to dry clothes on the balcony, you should use non-slip floor tiles as the first choice.  (2), you can also pave pebbles, tiles, etc. as you like, open the door, step on the balcony barefoot, step on the sun under the setting sun, and a sense of comfort comes from the soles of your feet. The floor of the balcony is also a place where you can show your personality. You can install transparent tiles or pebbles. You can put the mat directly on the wooden floor, or it can be a place for lovers to relax. In short, this side of the world can be freely swayed by you.  How to choose the color of balcony tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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