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How to choose the ceramic tile color? The kitchen ceramic tile is how to choose?

by:JIABANG     2020-11-30

as you know, any color can be adjusted from shallow to deep, therefore, to consider when choosing ceramic tile color color depth effect, brunet ceramic tile is generally applicable to the smooth, daylighting enough room; The light color ceramic tile shop is worse in the daylighting of the room can have the effect of improving indoor brightness, so ceramic tile to choose what color good? The following simple introduce ceramic tile to choose what color well.

a, determine the tone:

1, the ceramic tile of warm color can add warmth to your household environment, comfortable feeling. Such as red can increase indoor China beauty. And brown will make indoor produced a kind of warm, quiet and pleasant feeling.

2, the ceramic tile that cool color moves, the sense that gives a person is to contracted and relaxed. Such as blue tiles will bring cool and refreshing, carefree feeling for indoor; And green will highlight the easily and naturally inside the bedroom decorate a style.

3, intermediate color into black, white, grey, etc is contemporary and contracted decorate commonly used color, in addition has the characteristics of neat and refined, contemporary feeling strong also can rise to adjust the effect of indoor light.

2, depth of color assurance:

as you know, any color can be adjusted from shallow to deep, therefore, to consider when choosing ceramic tile color color depth effect, brunet ceramic tile is generally applicable to the smooth, daylighting enough room; And light color ceramic tile shop is worse in daylighting of the room, can have the effect of improving indoor brightness; In addition, at the time of choosing ceramic tile color, also have to consider it with the adornment style of whole household furniture and metope and the collocation of color effect, achieve the coordinated not neither fish nor fowl, such decorate the home will be more comfortable.

how to choose kitchen decking tile

1, kitchen outdoor wood deck tiles carefully select material

the kitchen ceramic tile has a variety of materials, divided into glazed pottery, brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, Mosaic, and so on several major categories. In the kitchen area is large, such as some space, metope ceramic tile of first selection is smooth or dumb smooth glazed pottery, very convenient to clean and can also manufacture & other; Fashion & throughout; The effect. The ground material is the best choose dumb smooth ceramic tile namely prevent slippery granite floor tiles, to prevent the kitchen garden water make the ground too slippery, accidentally cause security problems.

2, selection of kitchen ceramic tile color

to highlight the kitchen space changes, the effect of brunet ceramic tile also is no longer the only choice. Due to the light color ceramic tile which helps to expand the space of vision, in the small kitchen space can make more fashionable effect, more and more get of consumer. Able to bear or endure look of pure white is the most popular color, it doesn't even need any shadow or twill, pattern, only with all kinds of ornamental thread and flower piece to try to adorn, then draws out and lively, fashion sense. Shallow blue, apple green, light purple cool color attune such as ceramic tile also is very popular, they appear more match with white ceramic tile paving.

3, kitchen ceramic tile & other; Decoration & throughout; The idea of

brick of a wall looks very beautiful alone: impression pure, design is brilliant. But to repeat after the shop is stuck of good one side, tend to be dazzling, desultorily. So the choice of ceramic tile also should from the perspective of decoration. Small size ceramic tile to be popular, small size of the square ceramic tile can build by laying bricks or stones out of the many unexpected changes, very suitable for a small area of the kitchen wall, some small ceramic tile specifications only 5 to 13 cm, and also can be used as an ornament, small brick excellent results.

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