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How to choose home improvement tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-12

  Innovation, for a certain product, is definitely a fatal temptation. Innovation comes from the market and can be used in the market. It can also be said to be a backward-to-forward behavior. So what kind of tiles are good for home decoration? Innovative and unique ceramic tiles are very satisfying for modern people's decoration of modern home floors. Innovating decking tile products is a scientific and technological activity as well as an economic activity for the purpose of commercial interests. Enterprises improve the level of production technology through innovation. We use innovative ceramic tiles to enhance the taste of home life. So what kind of tiles are good for home decoration? Xiaobian here to give you tips!

  Living room tile purchase skill 1: Color

   There are many colors of living room tiles, but the most popular ones are just a few: matte, white, Yellow, light beige, brown, etc. The matt tiles give people the feeling that they are a kind of softness in the vision, and will not reflect dazzling light; white looks clean and atmospheric, and it is also a versatile color; beige makes the home very warm, creating a warm family Environment; the coffee color feels very comfortable, looks very grand and classy.

  Living room tile purchase skill two: Material

  ★Vitrified fossil is wear-resistant, bright, and easy to clean. It is a very popular tile material on the market, but it is not the kind of ancient fossil artifacts. Oh!

  ★ Bricks are also liked by many friends, including antique tiles. Glazed tiles are rich in color and can show individuality, but cleaning requires a little effort.

  ★Stone is generally not recommended for you to choose, because it is not only costly, single color, mostly radioactive, not resistant to dirt, so this is generally more suitable for large public places.

  Living room tile purchase skill 3: Specifications

  The size of the tile should be determined according to the area of u200bu200bthe living room, so when purchasing tiles, you can’t blindly pursue large specifications, because It is necessary to consider the actual viewing area after the furniture is placed. If we purchase large-scale tiles, it will definitely be very inconsistent with a small-area living room. Similarly, small size tiles with a large area of u200bu200bthe living room will also appear very crowded.

  Living room ceramic tile purchase skill four: supporting products

  ★The wave-dating line is mainly used in the periphery of the ground or in the entrance hallway, etc., to make the ground more surplus change, artistic flavor, and the market has Specially matched wave playing line.

  ★Floor parquet is mainly used at the entrance, or under the coffee table in the living room and dining room, and under the dining table. It is used for floor decoration, and it does not seem to be single.

  ★The skirting line is mainly to protect the wall skirt. The skirting line can form a greater contrast with the color of the floor tiles, but try to choose the same color system to look coordinated, or it can be close to the floor tiles, and the surrounding area is added. There are waves of contrasting colors.

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