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How to choose good tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-24

   Tile is a commonly used building material in our decoration. Its texture is hard, waterproof, abrasion resistant, and the pattern is beautiful and the decorative effect is strong, so it is deeply loved by consumers. At present, there are many ceramic tile products on the market, but the quality is uneven, so how to buy a good decking tile? Let's take a look.

  1. Three points to see the green body and seven points to see whether the glaze tile is good, three points to see the green body and seven points to see the glaze, which means that the real decision of the tile is actually the glaze on the surface of the tile. . When buying, you can first touch the front of the outdoor wood deck tiles body with your hand, feel whether the glaze on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface is delicate, and then watch it with your eyes at close range to see if the particles of the glaze are rough, whether the color is pure, and the gloss is good or not, only the hand feels delicate, Tiles with fine glaze particles, pure colors and good gloss are better.  2. Look at whether the water absorption rate is low or not.   The water absorption rate is also an important factor in determining the quality of ceramic tiles. The manager of the sixth space Douglas tile shop recommended a quick and effective inspection method: pour water directly on the back of the tile. If it is a low-density tile, the water will soon seep in, and a good tile will take a long time. There will be no traces of water seepage.  3. The more difficult to cut bricks, the better the quality. When choosing ceramic tiles, you must choose difficult bricks! This is what the senior master mason of urban construction and decoration said. Because the hard-to-cut bricks represent the denser the bricks, the higher the hardness and the better quality. However, it is more troublesome to cut bricks with high hardness. For example, some imported tiles need to be cut with imported blades, and the craftsmanship of the master mason is also very high. In addition, you can also see whether the particles on the side of the tiles are fine and uniform. If the particles are large and rough, the density of the tiles will be loose, and there will definitely be problems during use. 4. When selecting the tiles, randomly select a few pieces of tiles, and use your eyes to look at the edges and diagonals of the tiles respectively. If you find that there is a phenomenon of warping, it means that the straightness of the tiles is not enough. If not, it means that the tiles are not flat. The flatness basically passes the test.   The above is the whole content of how to buy a good ceramic tile. I don’t know if you know everything after reading it? I hope this article can help you. In the future, when everyone is buying ceramic tile brands, they will be able to choose good products that care about their hearts according to the above methods, and no longer have to worry about quality problems!

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