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How to choose good tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-15

   When we decorate, we will use ceramic tiles, but we don't know much about ceramic tiles, which makes us easy to be deceived. The following editor will introduce how to choose good tiles?

  1. Look at the surface of the decking tile.  

   The higher the gloss, the better the sintering compactness of the ceramic tile. A good ceramic tile has a crystal clear and translucent glaze, which reflects the light like a mirror under the light. The poor ceramic tile has a dull and dull glaze. 

  2, listen to the sound to distinguish between good and bad 

   Use one hand to separate the five fingers, and the other hand to tap the surface of the tiles. The sound produced by good tiles with high density is crisp and bright; the sound produced by poor tiles with low density is dull.  

 3. Don’t be afraid of falling tiles if you drop them.

    Good tiles will not be damaged after falling straight and vertically. This is determined by the strength of the tiles. Good tiles have high strength, poor tiles have low strength and will break when dropped.

  4. Weighed tiles are heavier

  Good tiles have high density and heavy weight. , Relatively solid, uniform thickness, no corners and other defects. Poor-quality tiles are relatively lighter in weight.

 5. Wet tile water absorption experiment

   After high temperature firing, the water absorption rate of good tiles is low, and the water will not diffuse on the tiles, indicating that the tiles Basically does not absorb water. But for poor tiles, after the water is poured, there will be an obvious water absorption reaction.  

 6. Pressure-bearing capacity test of ceramic tiles 

   Hang the tiles and stand on the tiles. If the tiles are basically not damaged or cracked, it means that the load-bearing capacity of the tiles is very good. Inferior tiles are prone to break or crack and cannot bear heavier weight.

 7. Rubbing corrosion and abrasion resistance test Use a writing pen to leave traces on the bricks, and use ordinary rags to wipe off the dirt without leaving traces, indicating the corrosion resistance of the tiles it is good. Scratch the surface of the bricks forcefully with an ordinary key. No scratches are left on the surface, indicating that the bricks have strong abrasion resistance.

  8. Pick a good primer

The color of a good primer is between beige and beige. If the color of the primer is yellow or black, it means that the product contains too many impurities and is not a good product.

   How to choose a good ceramic tile is introduced here. If you want to learn more, you can click on the ceramic tile brand to learn more.

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