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_ how to choose good ceramic tile ceramic tile selection

by:JIABANG     2021-01-01

there are a lot of the kinds of ceramic tile, including polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, bo changes a brick and outdoor ceramic tile. Choose ceramic tile, attention should be paid to see the appearance, surface roughness and the quality of ceramic tile, so how to choose good decking tile?

1, see color and roughness on the surface of the ceramic tile of reflective observation. In general, the color of ceramic tile can more clear, more reflective is best. Did another look at the pinhole, pinhole easy accumulation of stolen goods. Also can be seen from trace quality, check the surface quality of ceramic tile, can scratch the glazed ceramic tile with good thing to determine the surface of the ceramic tile. 2, to piece together the size on the field measurement of ceramic tile. With a ruler or tape measure, ceramic tile edges and diagonal, check the size. 3, touch glaze glaze have pinhole, spots, glaze, the simple sense of the presence of the color difference. Basically be to see whether there are black spots on the surface of the ceramic tile, air bubble, pinhole, cracks, scratches, spots or not, lack of edge, missing Angle bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles also note whether there is leakage, grinding defects such as leakage. 4, knock hit ceramic tile surface listen to listen to the sound distinguishes the density. Choose the ceramic tile is the most important is to consider the quality problem, discern ceramic tile stand or fall has a lot of standards, can to knock, ringing specification ceramic tile changes sound density is high, the quality is good. 5, drop of ceramic tile is bibulous rate is durable. In general, ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, on behalf of the inherent stability of ceramic tile is taller, also is more suitable for moisture or space of the moisture content is higher, such as toilet, kitchen, and won't produce the problem such as shading. Inspection of ceramic tile is bibulous rate is commonly used method is to pour water on the back of ceramic tile, slow penetration even not porous decking tile quality is better, the opposite is bad. How to choose a good ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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