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How to choose glazed tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-29

How to choose    glazed tiles? How to match the style of glazed tiles? The types of outdoor ceramic tile, let's follow the editor to learn about the relevant content.

   glazed brick, as the name implies, is a outdoor wood deck tiles whose surface has been fired at high temperature and high pressure. This kind of brick is composed of two parts: soil embryo and surface glaze. can be made of various patterns and patterns, which are richer in colors and patterns than polished tiles. Because the surface is glazed, the abrasion resistance is not as good as polished tiles.

Types of    outdoor ceramic tile

  1, the glaze is smooth, suitable for making cleaning effects;

  2, frosted glazed tiles, suitable for making fashionable effects.

  三. Glazed brick is the most common type of brick in decoration. Because of its rich color patterns and strong antifouling ability, it is widely used in wall and floor decoration. are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, which are colorful and non-slip. are generally not big, but can be very small, such as small to mosaic. It is best used on the wall. The kitchen should use bright bricks, not matte bricks.

  Universal tiles, also known as tiles, can be said to be a general term for floor tiles. Bricks with moisture content less than or equal to 0.5 can be called general-purpose bricks. It is a non-glazed wear-resistant brick with the same front and back color. The whole brick is widely used on the ground of decoration projects such as halls, aisles and outdoor walkways. The advantages are low price, hard, durable, slippery surface, easy to maintain, but easy to absorb dirt and scratches, and the surface will appear black, yellow, and tarnish after long-term use.

   Polished outdoor wood deck tiles is a kind of bright brick that is ground on the surface of ordinary outdoor wood deck tiles, which belongs to a kind of ordinary brick. Compared with ordinary tiles, polished tiles have smoother and cleaner surfaces, are hard and wear-resistant, and are suitable for most rooms. However, since its surface is smooth and non-slip, it is recommended not to use it in the bathroom or kitchen.

   When purchasing, pay attention to whether the tire size is standard, whether the periphery is smooth, and whether the thickness is uniform. The thickness difference of tiles of the same size should not exceed 2mm. Generally, the thickness of better tiles is above 8mm. The enamel should be thick and smooth, and the color difference should be as small as possible.

   Finally, the non-slip performance of glazed tiles is also very important. You need to pay attention to this when you buy it. Okay, see you next time.


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