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How to choose floor tiles for living room

by:JIABANG     2021-07-20
How to choose floor tiles for living room? When many people are decorating, apart from the layout, the most troublesome thing is the choice of floor tiles, so today I will tell you how we should choose floor tiles for the living room. The living room is an area for family activities, so the selected floor tiles must be made of materials that are wear-resistant and durable. 1. The floor tiles of the living room must not only have a smooth and durable surface, but also have to be easy to clean. It is recommended to use kick lines and beautiful seams with tiles. These two methods can not only protect the use of corners and floor tiles, but also protect the living room environment beautiful and clean. 2. What kind of living room floor tiles are good? What kind of floor tiles to choose? You also need to choose according to your own preferences and the decoration style of your own home. The floor tiles in the living room should use large-size floor tiles as much as possible, because the living room needs to use a lot of floor tiles. Choosing large-size floor tiles can not only reduce the number of floor tiles, but also reduce the gaps between some floor tiles, making the living room look more spacious. If the living room area is larger, such as more than 30 square meters, 800*800mm is generally used. The larger living room also has floor tiles 1200x600 renderings to choose from, and the smaller living room is recommended to use floor tiles below 600*600mm. 3. Which kind of floor tiles is better? It is also necessary to choose the color of the floor tiles according to your own decoration style. Light-colored floor tiles can give people a comfortable and bright feeling. When choosing this type of floor tiles, you must be as concise as possible, and the style of the floor tiles should not be too fancy. By comparing the color, appearance, characteristics, applicable space and price of floor tiles, owners can choose floor tiles that meet the needs of home decoration according to their own budget. 4. How to choose floor tiles? Hongtao floor tiles suggest that you can use the methods of watching, listening, throwing, weighing, pressing and grinding to select floor tiles: 1) The higher the smoothness, the higher the calcined high density of the floor tiles. Good floor tiles, the glaze layer shows a crystal clear feeling, under the direct light effect, it will reflect the light effect like a bathroom mirror, while the poor floor tiles will have a dim glaze. Therefore, you can choose by looking at the surface of the floor tiles; 2) The sound from good floor tiles with high relative density is more crisp and brisk; the sound from poor floor tiles with low relative density is lower. Therefore, it can be distinguished by listening to the floor tiles; 3) The method of dropping, weighing, pressing and grinding is to actively and artificially test the quality of the floor tiles. Good floor tiles are not afraid of falling. Weigh the floor tiles. Good floor tiles generally weigh more Big, test the water absorption rate of the floor tiles, if the water does not penetrate very slowly, it indicates that the quality of the floor tiles is good. The above is the article on how to choose living room floor tiles from the editor. I hope you can know how to choose after reading this article.
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