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How to choose floor tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-23

  No matter when, ceramic tiles have always been a topic that must be studied in decoration, especially floor tiles, which are very important. It has a considerable effect on the overall effect and impact of a house. This issue is simple. Talk about the choice of floor tiles, I hope it can help your choice! (Face tiles)

   1. The first thing that must be mentioned is the choice of floor tiles for this living room. This is very important. After all, the living room is the largest place in the home. When guests come, the first thing they see is the living room. When they come to the house, the first thing they see is the living room. Therefore, it must give people a comfortable feeling and match the decoration style so that it looks more pleasing to the eye. , And the living room is also the place where you move the most, so you should choose those that are more wear-resistant, anti-fouling, and are easier to take care of.

  2. Next, let’s look at the choice of floor tiles for the bathroom. Generally, when laying the floor tiles for the kitchen, we must consider this non-slip problem. After all, the humidity is heavy and wet. The chances are quite high. In addition, you will definitely wet your feet in the shower, so you must consider the problem of slip resistance. Before buying tiles, you must check it out. Tiles that are not slip resistant must be eliminated.

  3. There is also a place where the floor tiles have to be mentioned. This place is the kitchen. Generally speaking, as a place for cooking, the kitchen must be easily soiled, and because It is easy to get water when washing vegetables and other reasons, so anti-skid and anti-dirt are also very important. If it is not slip-resistant, it is very dangerous. It is best to clean some well. If you wash vegetables and cook, you may need to clean every day, so It should be easy to clean, so you must consider the problem comprehensively.

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