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How to choose ceramic tile, ceramic tile strategy to choose

by:JIABANG     2020-10-07
is indispensable for each household decorates the ground adornment material, is also because of the high frequency, so it is important to the quality of ceramic tile. So how to choose a good quality, high cost performance of ceramic tile? Just follow below small make up together to get to know it. Small make up teach you how to choose ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of give you the most complete selection strategy. is how to choose 1. Decorate a style to match before you choose ceramic tile and ceramic tile, it should be for your whole household style has the certain understanding. Because the adornment effect of ceramic tile also is very strong, so at the time of choosing ceramic tile, selection and household style should be the same or similar. Say you like the Europe type style, as far as possible choose light color fastens imitation marble tile; If you love a rural style, you can choose real wood texture of archaize ceramic tile, more can reflect the nature and pure and fresh feeling. 2. See a brand all popular brand, because both quality and maintenance of all kinds, in the late is very security, so brand products must be more preferred. And every brand is has the advantages of their proprietary, so you can pay attention to the points according to oneself, choose suitable brand. 3. Pay attention to safety when choosing ceramic tile ceramic tile, security is also very important, also is to pay attention to ceramic tile prevent slippery degree, especially at home with the old man and the child's family. 4. Choose the size of the ceramic tile is to consider the size of the ceramic tile, because it is suitable for different regions of the ceramic tile size is different. The ceramic tile of the sitting room is suitable for large area, for example, while the bathroom is suitable for small pieces of ceramic tile. 5. See how ceramic tile ceramic tile is bibulous rate of absorption rate is very important, especially the kitchen and bathroom tiles. The lower the absorption rate of ceramic tile quality is better. Choose ceramic tile strategy 1. See ceramic tile is straight appearance of ceramic tile of choose and buy, appearance is certainly very important. The surface whether level off is also one of the most obvious, the most easy to see. 2. Whether is clean on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile surface spots, crack, touch, such problems as lack of glaze outdoor wood deck tiles. 3. See in general, the design and color of decking tile design quality through the surface of the ceramic tile design is very delicate, but also more realistic, and if quality is bad, ceramic tile surface design will be lack of color, dislocation and other defects. 4. Discern ceramic tile on the back of the color glazed tile on the back of the color is red, general and bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is mainly on the back of ivory. 5. See the hardness of the ceramic tile also is relatively simple, actually you can use the same specification of ceramic tile, weigh down with the hand, the ceramic tile of the heavier than commonly mystery also play its density, so the hardness is higher, the quality is better also. Edit summary: the above is the small make up about how to choose, choose ceramic tile ceramic tile strategy is introduced. Hope this article introduces, can help you better understand how to choose ceramic tile, can decorate in the household, the cost-effective and admire in the heart of choose and buy ceramic tile.
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