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How to choose ceramic tile cement?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-31

we all know that at the time of ceramic tile is certainly going to choose adhesive, on the market at present it is only two kinds of adhesive can choose, one is the cement outdoor ceramic tile, a is one of the traditional cement, two each has advantages, but also because of your demand is different, this small make up to make a brief introduction of cement ceramic tile

in general, more popular on the market at present is to cement ceramic tile, because it is not bubble outdoor wood deck tiles before use, also need not wet when construction metope, at the same time it also need not ratio of mortar, the operation is simple, construction is easy, thus reducing the paste effect due to the matching error, so the adhesiveness, construction efficiency is much higher than that of cement mortar. And material, is a good choice.

if the benefits of ceramic tile cement is better to find the words, such as high temperature resistance, good elasticity, waterproof, seepage, crack resistance, anti-aging, so it is also this product is especially suitable for humid environment, such as the bathroom. Cement ceramic tile also is especially suitable for low permeability of the ceramic tile, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, or specification of ceramic tile, it is also very suitable for wall outdoor wood deck tiles, no matter what kind of ceramic tile adhesive seems to have a fairly good effect.

if you want to compare cement and cement ceramic tile, actually is immediate, the ceramic tile of general cement is made by high quality cement, quartz sand, cellulose, such as refined by scientific proportioning, so in the process of stick and ceramic tile, this kind of product it is also no longer need to add other material, you just need to allocate construction according to the proportion of water. And cement it just compare onefold building materials, not alone to shop sticks ceramic tile, because water hydration process, the excessive expansion coefficient is easy to cause the cracking of ceramic tile, fall off. Quality is considerable.

so, if you are ready to tile adhesive on the level of the choice, big can choose ceramic tile grout, although the price will be relatively expensive, but the quality will be better, with high quality ceramic tile on it is the most suitable, want to know more knowledge of decoration welcome to continue to focus on website!

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