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How to choose ceramic tile background wall

by:JIABANG     2021-05-17

   Nowadays, many people like to spend their time on the background wall when decorating. Since everyone attaches great importance to the background wall, the following editor will introduce how to buy a ceramic background wall?

   1. The clear sound of knocking indicates that the decking tile has a high density and high quality. 'The sound quality is relatively harder than the previous one) (In fact, simply knocking high-density tiles with your hands on the glass is crisp, and low-density tiles make a dull tile sound)  

  2. Measure the water absorption rate of the tiles The lower the value, the higher the stability inside the tile, the more suitable it is for dark spots and other problems in spaces with high moisture or water content (better than the bathroom, kitchen).

  3. Use a glass of water to pour on the back of the tile and spread the water stains quickly It means that the water absorption rate is too high, but it is lower.

  4. Use a hard object to scrape the glaze of the tile to leave traces indicating poor quality

 5. Look at the color of the tile is clear and clear with the naked eye. Holes and pinholes are easy to accumulate dirt.

    6. The flatness of the tiles is easy to spread on the sides. (Visually inspect the tiles on the flat surface to see if the four sides are completely consistent with the flat surface. See if the four corners of the tiles are at right angles. Place the tiles on the tiles of the same type and model to observe the degree of color difference)  

  7. Choose a outdoor wood deck tiles and see that the material supplier puts on it hard to show that the bottom of the outdoor wood deck tiles is flat and can show the quality of the tile

    8. The relationship between the density of the tiles is completely like a chalk stroke.

  9. Key point: Look at the top-grade products, the third-class products, and other foreign products; second, look at the convex and concave appearance of the outdoor ceramic tile. , Bulging, warped corners and other problems, face the flat glaze surface with smooth particles or color shades; third look at the patterns and patterns should be delicate and obvious color leakage, dislocation, broken lines or shades

  10. The second listening point: hands The thumb and index finger clamp the corner of the tile easily. The other hand and index finger tap on the tile. The sound is clear, pleasant to the ears, dull and muddy.

 How to buy a decking tile background wall is introduced here, if you want to know more You can click on the tile brand to learn more about it.

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