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How to choose ceramic floor tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-12
The turn of spring and summer is the most suitable season for decoration, and more and more owners join the decoration army. Floor decoration is one of the key points of new house decoration. At present, ceramic floor tiles are one of the main materials for hall floor decoration. Ceramic tiles are plate-shaped or block-shaped ceramic products produced from clay and other inorganic non-metallic materials through molding, sintering and other processes. So how should everyone choose ceramic floor tiles? The following editor will share with you the purchasing skills of ceramic floor tiles. How to buy ceramic floor tiles First, in order to ensure the quality of ceramic tiles, the editor recommends that everyone go to regular channels to buy floor tiles. When choosing and purchasing, you should carefully check whether there is the factory name, factory address, product name, specification, grade, quantity, trademark, production date, and implemented standards on the product packaging box. Check whether there is a factory certificate, whether the product is damaged, and whether the quantity and quality of the product in the box are consistent with the information on the box. Up to now, decking tile companies have more than a dozen national inspection-free products. The products of these companies are of very good quality. There are national inspection-free words and inspection-free marks on the packaging. You can rest assured to buy products that are free of inspection. The purchase skill of ceramic floor tiles 2 So how do we use to check the quality of ceramic tiles? We can look at it from the following aspects: 1. The surface of ceramic tiles with good quality should be smooth, delicate, and shiny, and the matt glaze should be soft and comfortable. Under sufficient natural light or fluorescent light, the bricks are placed 1 meter away for vertical observation, and there should be no obvious glazed defects. The pattern of the patterned bricks should be delicate and lifelike, without obvious defects such as lack of color, broken lines, dislocation and so on. The shading and trademark on the back of high-quality ceramic products are clear and complete, with few glaze marks or defects. 2. We can also check the quality of ceramic tiles by comparing the size of ceramic tiles. Good products have smaller size deviations. Put a batch of products vertically on a flat surface to see if there are any irregularities. 3. Looking at the level of flatness, you can select a glass plate, plastic plate, table top or decking tile with a flat surface, and stick the side and front of the outdoor wood deck tiles to the surface in parallel, and observe the flatness of the side and the surface. The degree of warpage. The national standard flatness drop is 0.5%* length, generally 800 or 600 is about 0.5mm drop. 4. Look at the chromatic aberration, good products have small deformation, and the brick surface is smooth and beautiful after paving. Look at the color difference of the product, put a few bricks together, and look carefully under sufficient light. Products with different shades of color between the products are inferior products, and the overall effect after paving is not good. The third choice of ceramic floor tiles determines the quality of ceramic tiles, and can also be tested by tapping and listening to the sound. Everyone can tap the ceramics lightly, and the good-quality ceramic tiles sound crisp and sweet. Inferior products, due to improper raw material formula, short firing cycle and low firing temperature, will make a 'empty' sound when struck. Ceramic floor tiles purchase skills four When buying ceramic tiles, you should shop around, compare their quality and price, and strive to buy products with high cost performance. We can also take a weighing method to test its quality. The ceramic tiles of the same specification have low water absorption and good internal quality, which can be understood by weighing it. After consumers have a necessary understanding of the product, they will make a comprehensive comparison of the quality and price of the product before determining how to choose it.
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