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How to choose and buy ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-06

material ceramic tile is more common in our daily life, but we don't know for this is, but also don't know anything and the choose and buy, so how to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile of choose and buy.

first of all, when the choose and buy, can arbitrarily from packing to take out a piece of, whether the surface is smooth, in good condition, fine ceramic tile glaze should be uniform, brightness, no spots, lack of glaze, knock against, structured around the edges. If send acerbity glaze is not light, or have bubble belong to quality problems, but it is important to note when buying. Take out a piece of brick, two pieces of alignment, middle gap as small as possible. If it is design of brick, must use four pieces to piece together a complete pattern, whether should also be optimistic about the outdoor wood deck tiles design, clear the brick one by one to, compare the size of the brick are consistent, allowing small brick deviation in the plus or minus 1 mm, big brick allows the plus or minus 2 mm, can be directly observed out there don't buy it. The hardness of directly affect the service life of the decking tile decking tile, can use percussion sound method to distinguish. Take a piece of brick to knock on another, or with other hard objects to knock on a brick, if bricky sound is ringing, loud and clear, explained the good quality of brick, can cook cooked. If abnormal voice, brick with double skin or crack phenomenon; Double skin is outdoor wood deck tiles forming, material, air discharge, combination between cause and material is bad, inner crack, look not to come out on the surface, only listen to the voice identification. How ceramic tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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