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How should tile glue be used?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-11
How should tile glue be used? Tile adhesive is an important material that is indispensable when laying tiles, so today I will tell you how tile adhesive should be used. 1. Preparation tools: tile glue, electric mixer, spatula, toothed scraper, sturdy plastic bucket, spirit level, plastic cross, glue hammer, etc. 2. Before painting, the tiles must be inspected. If there is paraffin wax or white powdered magnesium oxide release agent on the back of the tiles, they must be cleaned up. 3. Surface treatment: Wet construction walls, floors, walls and floors must be kept dry, and the surface of walls and floors must be kept flat. The uneven or rough surface can be smoothed with cement mortar. Remove the base layer floating dust, oil and other stains, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of the tile glue. In short, all surfaces should be strong, dry, clean, free from shaking, oil stains, wax stains and other loose objects; painted surfaces should be roughened to expose at least 75% of the original surface; new concrete surfaces should be cured after completion Bricks can be laid in six weeks, and the newly plastered surface should be cured for at least seven days before bricks can be laid; old concrete and plastered surfaces can be cleaned with detergent, then rinsed with water, and the surface can be dried after drying; substrate If it is loose, water-absorbent, or the surface dust is difficult to clean, you can apply Leibang primer first to help the bonding of the tiles. 4. Stir uniformly: first liquid and then powder, mix the tile glue with water in a ratio of 20kg:4.4-4.8L, use an electric mixer to stir evenly, without particles, paste, let it stand for 10 minutes until it is fully matured and then stir again. Can be used normally. After use in about 2 hours, do not reuse the dried glue. 5. Construction method: smear the glue on the working surface with a toothed scraper to make it evenly distributed and form a toothed shape (adjust the angle between the scraper and the working surface to control the thickness of the glue). Apply about 1 square meter each time (depending on the weather temperature, the required construction temperature range is 5~40℃), and then press hard within 5~15 minutes until the tile surface is level, (adjustment takes 20~25 minutes The size of the toothed scraper should consider the flatness of the working surface and the degree of convexity on the back of the tile; if the gap on the back of the tile is deep or the stone or tile is larger and heavier, double-sided glue should be applied, namely Apply glue on the working surface and the back of the tiles at the same time; pay attention to keep the expansion joints; after the tile is laid, wait until the glue is completely dried (about 24 hours) before proceeding to the next step of the joint filling process; use before drying Clean the surface of the tiles (and tools) with a damp cloth or sponge. If it is cured for more than 24 hours, the stains on the surface of the tiles can be cleaned with tile and stone cleaners (do not use acid cleaners). Special attention: try to choose the brush construction to avoid the influence of the pattern and groove on the back of the tile during the roller construction process. The above is the method of how to use the tile glue organized by the editor for everyone. I hope that all the constructors will know how to use it after reading this article.
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