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How much does it cost to ceramic tile shop sticks budget

by:JIABANG     2020-12-01

there are two kinds of ground adornment mainstream way, floor tile or floor, because the floor tile of durable, affordable, widely used in many functional space. However, floor tile laying in addition to the price of the material itself, we also need to consider the laying of the construction cost, then to sum up, decking tile shop sticks budget: how much is it? Analysis under small make up item by item for everyone:

1, contains the price if is to make the decoration of ceramic tile to undertake artificial + the cost of the accessories + words so decking tile ceramic tile is necessarily will be higher. General price is above 60 yuan ( Costs determined mainly according to owner's home for specifications and specific choice brand, the quality of ceramic tile, choose the ceramic tile quality if it is, the better, the price will be higher. 2, does not contain the construction price of ceramic tile ceramic tile to buy home by the owner himself, only let decorate a artificial and accessories that two part of the project ( Cement, river sand) Cost is in: 40 - Between 48 yuan/( The specific price will be according to the present labor and the cost of the materials details appear floating, and decorate a company to scale, the scale, the higher the inevitable cost will be, but not necessarily the better quality, big companies take you decorate or to decorate a team doing. ) 3, the price of the tile in addition to the first and the second mode, still have a tile price is tile we only find people to do the work, ceramic tile and accessories are provided by our own, tile artificial only demand. Tile artificial price average price now is: 30 - 35 yuan/square meters. 4, price factor, 1) , handling: you don't think to stick floor tile is very simple, it is a technical work, so everyone in the aspect of labor can't stingy soon after the completion of the one thousand floor tile is a problem, how do more harm than good. In general, the artificial cost at least 30 yuan per square meter of floor tile, as some first-tier cities artificial cost is higher. In addition, & other; To stick floor tile throughout & how much money a square meters; Also about you laying floor tile size, the specification, the lower the price, this is an inverse proportion. ( 2) , the cost of raw materials: materials in addition to the cost of the granite floor tiles also includes cement mortar, etc. Commonly used low floor tile is about every piece of between 5 and 50 yuan, a little bit of your words is 100 yuan to 300 yuan, and as some specifications larger or special material of floor tile price is in 300 yuan to 1000 yuan. Above is about the floor price budget related introduction, if you want to learn more about floor tile price budget information please concern's official website.

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