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How much do you know special-shaped ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-13
Speaking of ceramic tile, most people only think of the shape of a square. Today, some hexagon, diamond, wavy special-shaped ceramic tile also gradually entered the home market. We have learned, special-shaped ceramic tile is imports, introduced into domestic from Italy, Spain and other European countries. European ceramic tile product pays attention to fashion and personality, and almost every year there are different popular wind direction, to launch a variety of unique design of the product, there are even cooperate with designer's style. With product usually have different specifications, and rich colors, different patterns of tiles and special-shaped brick and other non-standard products, to meet the diverse needs of the household. Special-shaped ceramic tile time early, in domestic as archaize brick from abroad to domestic market, to try out some of the ceramic enterprises the archaize brick edges not neat, get the favour of some of the designers and dealers, but the industry and domestic consumer spending habits still like rectangle and square brick. Abnormity brick just changed the specification of decking tile, now in the market of polished tile, glazed ceramic, archaize brick, such as ceramic tile products, all can through water knife cutting or mold process to produce a variety of shapes such as ceramic tile products, in terms of technology and technical conditions, special-shaped brick does not reflect special. In fact, the abnormity in the broadest sense of the brick also includes some specifications of special ceramic tile products. In the ceramic tile on the market of the ceramic industry, ceramic tile square and rectangular shapes are mainly two kinds, and the size of decking tile product also has the branch of size, each appearance size ceramic tile product has its significance and value of existence, they are different in living in adornment and complement each other. At present most of the special-shaped outdoor wood deck tiles is made of mould produced, is fine for technical requirements, production of raw materials and technology is relatively mature in foreign countries. And some of the domestic ceramic enterprises only produce a few abnormity brick as products use, so commonly used water knife cutting way to produce this kind of product. In the shop is stuck, unlike conventional rectangular tiles, special-shaped brick in the shop is stuck not easy on line and more time-consuming and relatively high cost of the shop is stuck, the shop is stuck workers technology is also put forward higher requirements. Special-shaped ceramic tile is the design feels strong ceramic tile product, its personalized performance not only in the ceramic tile on the innovation of design and color, also include the diversification of the uniqueness of design and color and style. Because of the characteristic of the special-shaped brick character, high added value, by some designers like it, but special-shaped brick is the product of form a complete set of local ornament, how to more effective cooperation with designer groups, also need to pay attention to problem in the future.
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