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How much do you know about microcrystalline stone tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-19

  The current decking tile market is quite lively, because after many new products are released, more and more choices can make your house design more diversified. One of the more popular types of ceramic tiles on the market is the microcrystalline stone tiles, but it is generally not well understood. I have sorted it out to see if its performance meets your needs! (Microcrystalline stone tiles)

  1. The performance is super good. The microcrystalline stone is sintered through a special process under high temperature conditions similar to the formation conditions of granite. It has uniform texture, high density, high hardness, compression resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance and other properties better than natural stone, durable wear, not easy to be damaged, and there is no common fine cracks in natural stone. So it is quite durable!

  2. The texture is fine and soft, and the workmanship is quite fine. The crystallite has a special microcrystalline structure and a special glass matrix structure. The texture is fine and the surface is crystal clear and bright. It can produce The diffuse reflection effect makes people feel soft and harmonious.

  3. There is also a lot of effort in color. The production process of microcrystalline stone can produce a colorful series of tones (especially crystal white, beige, The four colors of light gray and white hemp are fashionable and popular). At the same time, it can make up for the large color difference of natural stone. The products are widely used in interior and exterior decoration of hotels, office buildings, stations and airports, and are more suitable for family decoration, such as walls and floors. , Decorative panels, furniture, basin panels, etc.

  4. The pH is also moderate. As a chemically stable inorganic crystallization material, microcrystalline stone also contains a glass matrix structure. Its acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance are better than natural stone, especially weather resistance The sex is more prominent, and it will not fade after long-term wind and sun, and it will not reduce the strength.

  5. Excellent anti-fouling ability. For many housewives, cleaning the tiles is very troublesome. It would be great if the tiles themselves are anti-fouling! The water absorption rate of the microcrystalline stone is extremely low, almost zero. A variety of dirty slurries and dyeing solutions are not easy to penetrate and penetrate. The dirt attached to the surface is also easy to clean and wipe, which is especially convenient for the cleaning and maintenance of the building.

  6. It can be bent and deformed to make heterogeneous plates: The microcrystalline stone can be heated by heating methods to make various curved and curved panels required by customers. It has the advantages of simple process and low cost. The disadvantages of arc-shaped stone processing such as large-scale cutting, grinding, time-consuming, material consumption, and waste of resources are eliminated.

  To sum up, this microcrystalline stone tile is a big selling point in the current decking tile market, so more and more decoration merchants are competing to buy this type of tile, if you have a good one If you feel like it, you can go to the physical store to experience it, I believe it will also have a good feeling! Finally, thank you for watching! (Microcrystalline stone tiles)


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