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How do gray tiles match colors?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-03

  Color is undoubtedly a powerful tool and ideal choice for creating environmental effects. In home decoration, it is also a key consideration for enriching the indoor environment. Then everyone should learn about the common sense of home decoration color matching. Some friends use gray floor tiles in their homes, so what color wall should match the gray floor tiles?

  How to match the color of gray tiles?

  1. Gray tiles are matched with beige series floor tiles to give the room a magnificent nobility and elegance; stone grain The color is simple and natural, but also thick and full of connotation; the floor tiles of the earth color and terracotta series are spread on the floor of the living room and dining room, which can make people experience the joy and comfort of the rural style; the blue and green series of wall and floor tiles are easy to make People think of the vastness of the sky and the natural beauty of the grassland; the red series of floor tiles make the ground look very,

   has a gorgeous feeling; the gray series of floor tiles are more cultural and natural Scenery; the contrast of black and white can increase the sense of structure on the ground; the warm-toned wall floor can create a warm atmosphere in the room, while the cold-toned wall and floor make people feel a sense of origin from the ocean It is cool and cool; the color selection of bathroom tiles must be consistent, and the tiles and bathroom space should be designed as a whole. In any case, only if the bathroom tiles and the three major pieces of bathroom echo each other, can it have a good effect.

  2. The color of the gray tiles should be uniform, the surface finish and flatness should be good, the periphery should be regular, and the pattern should be complete. Take out a few pieces from the same box to compare whether there are color differences, deformation, or missing edges. Few angles and other defects. Place the water droplets on the back of the tile to see how fast the water is infiltrated after it disperses. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the higher the density and the better the quality of the tile. Tap with a hard object, the more crisp the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality.

  3. The color selection and matching of ceramic tiles are related to the overall effect of the entire room space and the decoration position, and must be carefully grasped. In addition, the matching of the color of the tiles with the furniture, curtains, fabrics, and stickers on the wall of the room is also very important. Only in harmony and unity can the unique charm and taste be displayed. Hope my answer can help you.

  How to buy ceramic tiles?

  1, look

  Glazed tiles: mainly to see if there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, and No scratches, stains, missing edges, missing corners and other surface defects!

   Vitrified tiles: In addition to seeing whether there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, and scratches on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface, vitrified tiles Surface defects such as marks, stains, missing edges, missing corners, etc., but also pay attention to whether there are defects such as omissions and omissions. No matter what brand of product, the embryo body should have the brand mark of the decking tile. Check the base embryo trademark mark. The product base embryo produced by the regular manufacturer has a clear product trademark mark. If there is no or fuzzy, it is recommended to choose carefully!

  2, 掂

   is the weight, try the texture of the tiles, for the same specification products, the texture of the tiles with good quality and high density are relatively heavy, on the contrary, the product with inferior quality feel Lighter.

  3. Listening

  By tapping on the tiles, by listening to the sound to identify the quality of the tiles,

  (1) Wall tiles or small-size tiles are generally Separate the five fingers with one hand, drag the tiles, and tap the face of the tiles with the other hand. If the sound is metallic, the quality of the tiles is better. If there is no metallic sound, the quality of the tiles is worse.

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