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How classification of common ceramic tile ceramic tile have

by:JIABANG     2021-05-25

ceramic tile is often decorate with the ground, metope material, but there are many types of ceramic tile, face full of beautiful things in eyes of decking tile products, please have the edition? Then fine solution for everybody about the content of the classification of decking tile, help please when choosing ceramic tile more targeted.

1, bo changes a brick, polishing brick is a kind of strengthening, after the high temperature burn becomes, can achieve the whole porcelain, ceramic tile is one of the most hard. Bo changes a brick surface without through polishing processing, wear-resisting performance is good, but the disadvantage is that any dirty, is easy to get into the tea such as tar and impossible to recover. Aiming at this problem, many manufacturers did fight corrupt processing on the surface of bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick of fouling resistance still a glazed tile. 2, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, is to use the brick tile body surface grinding, polishing processing, and is one of the types of the brick. Polishing brick is hard wear-resisting, smooth surface, but the disadvantage is that not to bear or endure dirty, poor skid resistance. So you don't normally used in the bathroom and kitchen. 3, glazed tile, is in the embryonic body surface after add glaze, decking tile is the most common is decorated in, its surface can fire all kinds of decorative pattern design, beautiful and practical. Its advantage is able to bear or endure dirty anti-fouling prevent infiltration, can be used in toilet and kitchen, so the outdoor ceramic tile are widely used to decorate metope and ground. 4, connect body brick: no glaze is a kind of surface, and both the material and colour and lustre is consistent with the porcelain tiles, skid resistance and wearability. More used in the sitting room, corridor, few can be used for wall. 5, ceramic Mosaic, aka Mosaic, specifications, appearance is thin and small, hard, waterproof, wear-resisting acidproof alkali, strong resistance to pressure, more colorful. 6, archaize brick, glazed brick originated from Europe. Archaize brick is effect, will often do old style build a classical and nostalgic atmosphere. Archaize brick is made of CaiYouZhuan evolved, with the ordinary glazed tile glaze color difference. Its characteristic is waterproof non-slip, abrasion resistance corrosion. is how to classify is introduced here, if you want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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