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How ceramic tile seam to stick

by:JIABANG     2021-01-02

the people to the requirement of decorate now is more and more high, so a lot of the decorating workers want to learn some new skills, which requires more in work is posted, the decking tile of seam less heard this word? It is simply a wall outdoor wood deck tiles and granite floor tiles cracks in the same line, give a person a kind of three-dimensional effect, so how to sew? Here is a brief introduction of! ( stick) to seaming

1。 First you need to know that this is not literally can do it, so even decoration workers have enough technology, and takes charge of artificial, the price also slightly higher, must let professional tile Lao shifu, otherwise will be a mess.

2。 Because of seam, to do so for wall outdoor wood deck tiles and floor tile has a request, it is best to choose the same ceramic tile is good for you to do, even if is two pieces of 600 * 300 and a 600 * 600, in exactly the same in theory, but actual tile operation there is certainly a fine seam error, and it will be more and more big.

3。 If it is to do the ceramic tile of toilet to sew, although most of the ceramic tile of toilet is square, but certainly not very smooth, there is always more or less error, if you can, you can do to wall roughness first, but it may dues time, but also a waste of space.

4。 To do ceramic tile seam, we will first granite floor tiles shop first, and then set out to stick wall brick, such ability can have a reference, impossible to stick granite floor tiles and wall outdoor wood deck tiles.

5。 Finally, when doing the ceramic tile of seam, even if also can not do wall roughness, choose a obvious that take the door wall, starts first from the tile. Because the farther back, there must be some errors exist, these error in out of sight as far as possible, such as the wall behind the bathroom cabinet.

it is ceramic tile seam to post some tips, in fact it is so few, but the real practice of words is much more complicated, so want to find some more than ten years before the return of comparison on! Want to know more related content welcome to continue to focus on website! ( stick) to seaming

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