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Half glazed ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-09-05

inventions bring us a lot of convenience, in the construction industry, ceramic tile bring us a lot of convenience, whether in a family to decorate, still in the process of other public facilities to decorate, ceramic tile is one of the important and basic link, in decorating a process, the selection of ceramic tile is important, in the decoration market, all kinds of ceramic tile, half glazed ceramic tile, gradually become the mainstream of a lot of people choose products by many people, in this paper, we will introduce you to a half glazed ceramic tile of choose and buy?

1。 Carefully identify

half glazed outdoor ceramic tile outstanding characteristic is smooth and bright, a single gloss value is as high as 104 degrees, glazed smooth, thick or gorgeous colour, design is exquisite. Identify, want to look at the overall light feeling, also with handle gently touch texture.

2。 Quality

half glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile is bibulous rate, hear percussion, surface scratches, scrutinize such as color, methods are basically consistent. Think the price is not the move, in shopping around at the same time, more should pay attention to the quality of the whole glazed ceramic products.

3。 Choose the right color

half glazed ceramic tile set of polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is smooth and bright and in a variety of design and color of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles. Colour and design is an important factor that all glazed ceramic tile decoration design.

4。 Purchase quantity

your shop is stuck is 45 square, for example, requires the dosage of 45 square piece area = number, we suggest you buy a few slices and according to the whole case more purchase, construction and handling to prevent wear and tear.

half glazed ceramic tile is a common in ceramic tile, in life, a lot of people when choosing ceramic tile can choose half glazed ceramic tile, so people often have such a question: how do half glazed ceramic tile of choose and buy? Through this paper half-and-half glazed ceramic tile, we can see that how half glazed ceramic tile of choose and buy, hope this article can bring you some help.

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