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Floor tile shop with what method

by:JIABANG     2021-01-18

for a family to decorate, how shop sticks decking tile, this is a bricklayer's, as long as it is good to shop in neatly, you can. Yes, how did for owners of ceramic tile shop is stuck to the bricklayer's good, because neither understand nor myself. But can not be ignored is that different methods of ceramic tile shop sticks will bring home a different effect, so the ground tile shop with what method? Method

a: neat seam sewing shop is stuck together outdoor wood deck tiles is the most common method of the shop is stuck, one is horizontal, one is vertical, neat line effect, is traditional, but also is able to bear or endure look. Method 2: & other; H & throughout; The shop is stuck & other; H & throughout; The shop is stuck one of the most common should be in the past & other Red brick house & throughout; Also has, of course also have ceramic tile, wood floor, generally just lateral spreading crisscross the shop is stuck, for comparison with texture of ordinary ceramic tile, the shop is stuck method, make the space more effectively coordinated shape. Method 3: & other; Diamond & throughout; The shop is stuck the shop is stuck method applied in the corridor or enter a garden and a small area of the place is more, the most common is the shop is stuck on the metope of toilet archaize brick is using this method, and the sitting room of large area had less or applications in a restaurant, because will be slightly tedious, but there are exceptions, it all depends on the texture of ceramic tile. It is worth noting that the diamond of the shop is stuck method's rules in the area have a high demand, if the diamond outdoor wood deck tiles used in irregular graphics, it is easy to affect the overall effect. In addition, the diamond shop is stuck, can with other colors to use ceramic tile, so that we can make the design of the floor is another kind of beauty rules. Method 4: & other; Seam & throughout; The shop is stuck on the shop is stuck, seam is actually there is nothing to say, under normal circumstances take 2 - ceramic tile shop sticks Seam, reasons of 3 mm in decking tile the characteristics of heat bilges cold shrink, just the aesthetic feeling of domestic customers to pursue perfection, so all hope to ceramic tile is bigger, can even achieve seamless effect. Instead, with the current technology, not can produce seamless ceramic tile ceramic tile manufacturer. So this time will use ceramic tile the seam an agent, about the beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent started or pretty, use for a long time will have a huge color difference, so also should pay attention to daily cleaning work on the surface of the decking tile. shop sticks method 4: & other; Big brick small throughout the &; The small shop is stuck big blocks, just as its name implies, is the large size of ceramic tile is cut into small size, the most common of which are applied in the sitting room and dining-room metope more, in brief is a 800 x800 ceramic tile cutting city 400 x800, such specifications of the shop is stuck up make metope won't appear too heavy, the other on the line that play a base, waveguide line also have the opportunity to use this way. Method 4: & other; Dislocation & throughout; Post the so-called dislocation shop shop, actually not complex, also the general outdoor wood deck tiles is also using the horizontal spread dislocation of the shop is stuck, it should be a stone floor is the result of floor of wood of a kind of method. Method 5: & other; Processing cutting & throughout; The shop is stuck & other; Processing cutting & throughout; The shop is stuck, name sounds very complicated, in fact only through computer water knife processed into special shape, the shop is stuck method is seldom used in average household, because one is processing cost is high, the second is also pretty big wastage. ( PS. Wanted to find a figure for everyone to think about it, but actually is not good, please forgive me. ) Floor tile shop with which methods is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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