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Floor tile shop drawing to teach you how to put up a good ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-12-05

previous concerns the internal decoration is the practical performance of household, with the continuous development of decoration and technology, more people will live together practicality and overall aesthetics. This requires not only perfect space design, also need to decorate reasonable collocation of the details. So, whether it is the basic of interior decoration, or wall surface decoration is good to elaborate collocation, small make up next will be to show you some shop sticks ceramic tile construction drawing, there are a lot of attention is not to be ignored!

we can see a lot of ceramic tile brick construction drawing the first is preparatory process, we want to measure good beforehand to the area size of the shop is stuck, and then compare good method of cutting the size of the ceramic tile; Then there is need to pick your favorite color, but not all by oneself be fond of, also need to match with the overall room design and decoration style. We can take some samples in advance in the ground laid, timely discover and solve the problem, it will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

and then laying process matters needing attention, to clean up the ground before laying ceramic tile, not only can't residual stains, to keep the ground flat; We can use a little rough shovel on the ground, and then need to soak the ground sprinkler, such ability good bonding with bonding material. Tile should be soaked in water for the ceramic tile, before in about 1 - 2 hours, until no air bubbles; Next is the cord, pull the line laid in advance decking tile time can avoid the deviation or rugged; Adhesive materials can't be too thin, otherwise it is not easy to do, ceramic tile also contorts the deviation; Also cannot too thick, so can't achieve adhesion effect, time is long ceramic tile will bulge or rupture, causing inconvenience to life.

tile with plastic hammer ceramic tile surface, when you need to make it fully and brick surface bonding, but not too hard or too small, otherwise the ceramic tile will be uneven. We can use some plastic skin in the middle of the brick joints, which can achieve the result of the reserved aperture and decking tile will not shift. After stick ceramic tile to clear in time within 24 hours after good tile and outdoor wood deck tiles seam residues, and then fill in the gaps with professional caulking agent, finally, clean with cotton swab, if necessary can spray a little brick face pearling agent, can keep longer shining brilliantly. Need to be aware of is that after a short period of time don't trample on surface of the brick, uneven adhesive is dry, can also lead to ceramic tile contorts. Above is the ceramic tile shop sticks shop drawing a series of construction steps, when everyone is decorated in the home also need to pay attention to the content, a little neglect may cause hidden trouble for daily life of the future. Decorate construction there are many places need to be aware of, the small make up will give you our summary of more knowledge, can help you in the hope that decorate a warm and beautiful home!

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