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Features of inkjet tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-18
Compared with non-inkjet tiles, inkjet (digital printing) tiles have the following characteristics: 1. It can easily create texture changes that are 50 times richer than conventional tiles. The printing range of non-overlapping textures can reach up to 50m, while roller printing can only guarantee 1.44m. The use of digital inkjet technology makes the texture of tiles more variability, and the color of the tile surface is more natural, which truly realizes natural stone imitation. 2. It can easily print textures vividly on various concave-convex floating tiles and beveled surfaces. The spray printing effect of concave-convex three-dimensional surface can reach 40mm. The definition of ceramic tiles is also stronger, which is 3 times that of roller printing. Image analysis The degree can be as high as 360dpi, the texture level is better, the definition is higher, and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger. 3. Changed the traditional contact pressure printing, realized 'volley' printing, no contact with the outdoor wood deck tiles surface, greatly reducing printing defects, achieving no yin and yang, no silly net, trawl, color edge and other defects, reducing labor intensity , Improve the overall quality and grade of the product.
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