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Do you really know whether the floor is better or the tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-17
In the decoration, ceramic tiles and wood floors are generally used as the main materials for the ground. However, many owners have difficulty in determining which material to use. How do they choose? Understand the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles and floors. The advantages of ceramic tiles: durable, inexpensive and good-quality, relatively easy to maintain and not easy to hide dirt. Disadvantages: ceramic tiles take a long time, it is inevitable that the gaps will turn black, and it is difficult to repair and replace. Advantages of the floor: It has a comfortable foot feel, natural and beautiful, and it is easier to replace ceramic tiles; Disadvantages: In terms of maintenance, the floor is more troublesome, and it needs regular waxing and maintenance, and pay attention to preventing cracking, moisture, arching, etc. . Of course, the price of the floor is also slightly more expensive than the decking tile. Choose floor or tile? These factors must be considered. 1. The orientation of the living room and whether it is a dark hall. If the living room at home faces north or a dark hall, it is better to spread the floor. The reason is very simple. There is not enough light in the first place, and then covered with icy tiles. Isn’t the room cold and swoosh? It’s better in summer. Let’s use it as an air-conditioning room. What about spring, autumn and winter? Do you still want it to be in a state of 'air-conditioning open'? 2. If there are old people or babies in the family members, it is better to lay the floor in the living room, because the tiles are much harder than the floor. If the baby at home is learning to walk, in addition to the protection of the table and legs, it is better to choose a softer floor. 3. The period of secondary decoration or renewal is 3-5 years. If you want to change the grade or style of the floor material because of visual fatigue, the difference between the two will be more significant. The replacement of tiles is very difficult, which is almost equivalent to a large-scale construction. Changing the floor is easy and easy. If you want to take away a comfortable floor when you move, it is easy to remove and install it to your new home. Tile, forget it, give it to the next home~ 4. Where do you often work or interact. If you are a working person, use the floor. Because most public office spaces use ceramic tiles on the floor. After working for eight hours and working hard in the cement city, why not make a little change when you come back home and experience the natural feeling by laying the floor? If you often go to the suburbs or rural areas, ceramic tiles are a good choice. 5. If you are accustomed to barefoot or wearing shoes, if you like to walk barefoot on the ground, then it is better to lay the floor. It is not only the cold soles of feet that will bring illness when stepping on the tiles, but the warm and moist floor can also bring a comfortable foot feeling. If you are used to wearing slippers, especially thick-soled cotton slippers, it doesn't matter what you shop. In fact, there is no correct answer for choosing floor or ceramic tiles on the ground. Choose according to your needs and preferences. This is the most appropriate choice.
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