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Do you really know the pros and cons of tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-22
Before paving, moisten the back of the floor tiles and dry the front side; place the floor tiles on the cement mortar as required, and tap the surface of the floor tiles with a rubber hammer until the density and flatness meet the requirements. When applying the mortar, apply it evenly, just to prevent It may cause the tiles to hollow out, leaving pores and other tools to smooth the cement layer again and then pave it. Jointing: Clean the joints 24 hours after the floor tiles are paved. Before jointing, wipe off the impurities in the cracks of the floor tiles and use a special caulking agent; this is a nearly completed bathroom. The wall tiles look like A whole tile is almost invisible as it is made up of many tiles. Cleaning: Dry and clean the floor tiles during the construction process of installing tiles at home. After finishing the work, use cotton yarn and other materials to organize the surface of the floor tiles. Some precautions for paving tiles The quality of floor tiles: the surface of the floor tiles is clean, the pattern is clear, the color is consistent, the joints are even, the periphery is straight, the joints are smooth and smooth, and the plates are free of cracks, corners and lack of corrugations. Precautions for laying wall tiles: ①When the base layer is processed, all kinds of dirt on the wall should be cleaned up, and watered and moistened one day in advance; if the base layer is a new wall, generally wait until the cement mortar is 70% dry. You should arrange bricks, elastic threads, and stick to the wall tiles. ②When paving and sticking, when encountering pipelines, lighting switches, bathroom equipment supporting parts, etc., they must be cut and matched with whole bricks, and it is forbidden to use non-whole bricks to paste together. ③The kitchen and bathroom should have a slope of flowing water, no water accumulation, and no backflow of water. If the original waterproof layer is damaged during the construction, it must be treated with waterproofing, and there is no leakage in the 12-hour test of the standing water. ④ After the floor tiles are laid, cover the brick surface with cardboard, etc., and walk on the brick surface at least 24 hours later. After tiling the tiles, please note: ①After 1 hour of paving, you should wipe off the cement, caulking agent or other sticky objects on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface in time, because it is more difficult to clean after four hours of attaching the caulking agent. of. ② Twelve hours after paving, the brick surface should be knocked for inspection. If empty drums are found, they should be re-layed. ③You can walk 24 hours after the tiles are laid, scrub thoroughly, mix the cleaning agent with clean water, and thoroughly clean the tiles.
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