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Do you need to add tile glue to the wall tiling cement mortar?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

   The problem that many owners who are decorating are more distressed is which tiling material to choose when tiling indoor walls is more convenient and practical, and the common doubt is that tiles should be added to the cement mortar for wall tiles Glue? The answer varies from person to person, because there are many things to consider, such as funding and desired effects, etc. Today, the editor will explain to you about this topic.

The advantages and disadvantages of    the tile glue selected for tiling:

   Tile glue is a more practical and relatively new type of tiling aid, mainly because the viscosity of the tile glue is relatively high , And when the stickers are relatively thin, it will undoubtedly increase the height of the house, and the construction is also very convenient, but the disadvantage is that the cost is very high compared to cement, so if it is a relatively small area Bricks are acceptable, but general owners will not consider them for large areas.

  The advantages and disadvantages of traditional cement tiling:

  Traditional cement is a tiling artifact for more audiences, and it has been rampant in the market for many years because of its The price is affordable and practical. The principle is that after the cement dries, it adheres firmly to other materials, resulting in many uses of cement, but cement also has many disadvantages that the thickness of the paving is too large, the sticking is not strong, and it is easy to cause Empty drum, which makes the status of cement slowly decline. But now the dominant position is still cement without controversy!

   Judging from the above conclusions, tile adhesive still looks very good. So should we add tile glue to the cement mortar for wall tiles? This still depends on your own preferences. Although the tile adhesive is more prominent in every aspect, the price is too expensive, so it is a good choice for families with a large decoration budget. , But it should be noted that if tile glue has been selected, then no more cement should be added during the construction process.

   I believe that in a few years, with the popularity of tile adhesive, the price will drop a little bit, so that the audience will be even more. In this way, adding tile glue to the cement mortar can achieve a very good effect. Thank you for watching, and I hope you will continue to pay attention to the official website. There will be more useful knowledge for you to learn! (Do you need to add tile glue to the cement mortar for wall tiles?)


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