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Diamond tile why cheap?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-28
It is well known that ceramic tile shop sticks can bring to our home space good decorate experience, and the patterns of different colors also can let a space become different. However, diamond is a kind of new type ceramic tile, ceramic tile but consumers would have such a question: why do diamond tile cheap? Diamond tile, ok? Let's find out! Why a, diamond tile cheap? Diamond tile why cheap? It is cheaper there are two causes, respectively is: a, because the manufacture of diamond tile thickness compared to other ceramic tile products more frivolous; B less, because domestic related manufacturers, the product is single, no more corresponding products are compared. So the diamond tile generally have a lower price. Second, the diamond tile? 1. Diamond tile production work is complicated, so more advantages compared to other ceramic tile products. Because when the production of ceramic tile added granular diamond, so I can guarantee the high hardness of ceramic tile. On the surface of diamond tile, we can see there is a thick layer of protection surface layer, this will make it more wear-resisting outdoor wood deck tiles surface. 2. on the basis of glazed tile production, innovation, let porcelain face present no water lines, and the appearance of the clear natural texture. Compared to the full soft cast of glazed ceramic, this product is used the hard left, glaze can make more smooth. Again through the second craft decking tile, let design and color of ceramic tile surface looks smooth, so I can present a kind of atmosphere and beautiful ceramic tile decorative effect. 3. All round the edges of diamond tile special processing, have qualitative feeling feels very. The shop is stuck effect color nature, level off is smooth. The surface texture is clear. Of course if high quality diamond products, ceramic tile is in home construction, can try seamless shop is stuck, visual effect is better. 4. Diamond tile body after strict selection, and glaze is using imported materials, the production cost than other ceramic tile is taller, and production technology requirements are higher. Diamond so many of the advantages of ceramic tile, thoroughly solved the deficiency of traditional ceramic tile, and so is quite practical in daily use. 5. Diamond ceramic tile can not only more smooth than other shop sticks ceramic tile, and ceramic tile surface light connect fully, can keep a jade-like appearance. Because the diamond on the basis of other ceramic tile, ceramic tile for a variety of processing, make ceramic tile more superiority. Through more than one thousand degrees the temperature of the fire product, ceramic tile structure of fine texture, vivid image, adornment effect extremely. So after the launch with novel and unique style, attracted the attention of many consumer. Edit summary: to introduce the diamond tile above why cheap, and the knowledge of the diamond ceramic tile is very not good, hope to help you. If you need to know more about ceramic tile decoration information content, or need to know about other decorate knowledge, can continue to pay attention to us.
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