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Diamond tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-03-31
< / p> < p> as you all know, ceramic tile can bring to our house decorate good design, and not the same color of the design also can let look different. < / p> < p> diamond the work of the production of ceramic tile is relatively complex, so the product has more advantages compared to other ceramic tile. This is because the production of ceramic tile is added under the condition of granulated diamond, so can ensure the hardness of ceramic tile. In diamond surface layer of ceramic tile, we can see that there are thick layers of protection surface layer, so that can let more wear resistant ceramic tile surface. < / p> < p> 2: ceramic tile mild < / p> < p> ceramic tile on the basis of glazed tile production, innovative, was conducted again let porcelain face present no water lines, texture, texture clear. Compared with the soft cast of glazed ceramic, chose the hard behind such products, can let glaze become more smooth. Again after secondary ceramic tile processing technology, make ceramic tile surface color looks relatively smooth, can therefore presents a kind of atmosphere and beautiful fruit on the outskirts of ceramic tile design. < / p> < p> 3: ceramic tile cutting < / p> < p> diamond tile edges around once again conducted a special processing, have qualitative feeling very to the touch. The whole shop is stuck mild natural color, surface level off is smooth. The surface texture, texture is very clear. Of course if high quality diamond products, ceramic tile is in household decorate construction, can try the seamless Mosaic brick, visual effect is better. < / p> < p> diamond tile blank after strict selection, and enamel are all imported material choice, cost than the other ceramic tile is relatively high, and the production process requirement is also higher. So diamond exist many advantages of ceramic tile, completely thoroughly solved the shortcomings and deficiencies of traditional outdoor ceramic tile, so in daily life is quite practical in use. < / p> < p> diamond can not only than the other ceramic tile shop sticks outdoor ceramic tile more smooth, and ceramic tile surface bright, can always maintain as jade-like appearance. This is because the diamond on the basis of other ceramic tile, ceramic tile once again conducted a wide range of processing, make ceramic tile has more advantages. After more than one thousand degrees of high temperature products, make the structure of ceramic tile fine texture, vivid image, design of mild or strong. So after the launch with novel and unique style, attracted the attention of many consumer. < / p> < p>
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