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Details of antique floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-24
[Antique tiles] Antique floor tiles Now in the general sense, antique floor tiles refer to outdoor ceramic tile, which are composed of two parts: embryo body and glazed surface, which are glazed on the surface of the ceramic tile body and fired at high temperature and high pressure. Antique floor tiles refer to the upgraded glazed polished tiles that are influenced by retro home decoration styles, with different styles and continuous technological innovation. Not only its texture is getting closer and closer to stone, it even has the transparent and stone texture of jade. The quality indicators such as smoothness, antifouling, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, and water absorption of ceramic tiles have also continuously made new breakthroughs and become a class of floor materials in the decking tile market. ①Technical characteristics: Antique tiles evolved from colored outdoor ceramic tile, and are essentially glazed porcelain tiles. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly manifested in the color of the glaze. Antique tiles are ordinary tiles, which are basically the same as magnetic tiles. The so-called antique refers to the effect of the outdoor wood deck tiles, which should be called the antique effect ceramic tile. Antique tiles are not difficult to clean. The only difference is that in the firing process, the technical content of the antique bricks is relatively high. After being pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic press, it is sintered at a high temperature of 1000 degrees to make it high in strength and strong in wear resistance. It has been carefully developed Antique tiles have the characteristics of waterproof, non-slip and corrosion resistance. ② Product classification: antique floor tiles mainly include wood grain tiles, imitation leather tiles, and sandstone tiles. ③Scope of application: exterior walls, interior walls, bathroom and kitchen floors, outdoor road floors, etc.
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