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Decoration knowledge of wooden floors and tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-08
We often hear from customers asking us whether it’s better to go for wooden floors or to lay tiles? What kind of wooden floor is good? What kind of ceramic tiles are good? Today, I will introduce ceramic tiles to everyone. And the types of wood flooring and their respective advantages! What are the classifications of wood flooring and their respective advantages: The common flooring on the market is divided into: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, etc., its advantages and disadvantages: 1. Solid wood flooring: the advantages of natural texture, Environmental protection, warm in winter and cool in summer, good touch, good elasticity, good sound insulation, attractiveness, insulation properties, and can be refurbished. The disadvantage is that it is not abrasion resistant and easy to lose luster. It is not suitable for use in places with relatively large humidity changes. Otherwise, it is easy to deform. It is afraid of acid, alkali and other chemicals. It is afraid of burning. It needs regular maintenance and high cost. (Suitable place for laying: ordinary residential bedroom , Living room, study room, etc.) 2. Solid wood composite floor: between solid wood and reinforced composite, the advantages are natural and beautiful, comfortable foot feel, wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, mildew, mothproof, sound insulation, heat preservation , High performance-price ratio, not easy to deform, convenient for paving. The disadvantage is that if the quality of the glue is poor, degumming will occur, and the maintenance must be paid attention to when the surface is thin. (Suitable place for laying: ordinary residential bedroom, living room, study room, etc.) 3. Laminated composite floor: Advantages: a wide range of price options, a wide range of applications, a variety of colors, stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy maintenance, good anti-skid performance, Wear-resistant, antibacterial, no moth-eaten, mildew, no deformation due to temperature and humidity, good fire resistance, light weight, reduce the load on the building, and easy to lay. The disadvantage is that the foot feel is not as good as the solid wood floor, the repairability is poor, and there is a certain formaldehyde emission problem (suitable place for laying: public places) 4. Bamboo floor: The advantage is that the style is fresh and elegant, the decoration effect is good, the color difference is small, and the winter is warm and summer. Cool, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, mothproof and mildew proof. Disadvantages will be deformed with subsequent changes in dry humidity. (Suitable places for laying: ordinary residences, hotels, office buildings, etc.) 5. Cork flooring: The advantages are elasticity, good slip resistance, good heat preservation, comfortable feet, good sound insulation, can absorb life noise, create a quiet living environment, and color Compared with individuality, the disadvantage is that the price is relatively high and the market is unfamiliar (suitable places for laying: bedrooms, conference rooms, libraries, recording studios, etc.). What are the classifications of ceramic tiles and what are their advantages? The types of ceramic tiles can be divided into: glazed tiles, whole-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, microcrystalline tiles, full polished glaze transfer 1. : advantages, rich color patterns, strong antifouling ability, porcelain The design patterns and colors of high-quality outdoor ceramic tile are the most colorful of all tiles. Disadvantages, depending on the manufacturer's equipment technology: cracks, back seepage 2, full-body tiles: advantages The surface is rough, so wear resistance and slip resistance are the best of all tiles. Disadvantages, single effect, poor decorative effect. 3. Polished tiles (full-body tiles with polished surface): Advantages, polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in most indoor spaces other than bathrooms and kitchens. Disadvantages: According to the manufacturer’s equipment and technology: Poor stain resistance 4. Vitrified tiles (full-body bricks with fully vitrified embryos): Advantages, vitrified tiles are in terms of absorption rate, edge straightness, bending strength, acid and alkali resistance It is superior to ordinary glazed tiles and marble with general polishing machines. Disadvantages, it can solve the problem that polished tiles are easy to get dirty to a certain extent. 5. Microcrystalline tiles: advantages, the tiles have fine texture, good foot feel, acid and alkali resistance, no color absorption and no fading. Disadvantages, not durable, easy to cut, high requirements for the secondary firing process, insufficient flatness, and even easy to delamination. 6. Full glazed tiles: advantages, all glazed polished products include polished tiles, antique tiles, and porcelain tiles. Three product advantages, the product completely releases the implicitness of the dull and dark glazed tiles, solves the shortcomings of semi-polished tiles that are easy to contaminate, and has the gloss and porcelain hardness of polished tiles, and it also has the glazed surface of antique tiles. High imitation effect, and rich printing effect of porcelain glaze.
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