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Buy ceramic tile need to be careful

by:JIABANG     2020-10-11
In domestic outfit, the first thing to buy is decorated advocate material is ceramic tile. For consumers, buy ceramic tile often attracted by the price and design, but to buy ceramic tile of many invisible trap. At present, a long engaged in ceramic tile distributors revealed numerous insider, remind consumer eyes to choose ceramic tile. Card Noel ceramic tile Carrie sanitary inflated prices in fuzhou many ceramic tile in the shop, consumers still can bargain and merchants. According to industry insiders, now most of the businesses more specification on price, but still does not rule out some merchants artificially high prices and meet knowledgeable consumers can be blindfold, automatically in case of knowledgeable consumers lower prices, with a low discount to attract their buying. Shoddy consumers when choosing a decking tile, often noticed that indicate the level of the outer packing of ceramic tile, but seldom know this level also has to do. Now, ceramic tile manufacturers for grade partition is not standard, some manufacturers first-grade product is classy article, therefore, when buying ceramic tile, best ask goods brand manufacturers of hierarchies. But usually, classy article is the best, the first class, second times. Some undesirable businessman will be first class, second, pretend to be classy article sale, price is a natural high. To be very careful so consumers don't fall for it. Not plain code marks a price some ceramic tile in the shop, not all goods are priced. Mark one of the undesirable businessman often only lower commodity prices, consumer inquire about other products, the opportunity to raise prices, make consumers in imperceptible in into design dealer price trap. Real ones on the market, brand ceramic tile on the design and color or design, are leading the fashion trend, attract many consumer's attention. Therefore, some businessmen use consumer pursuit of brand, created some imitation brand style of ceramic tile, price is only half of the designer or a third, some consumers because covet is cheap to buy this kind of imitation, but no brand of service and quality assurance. Counterfeit origin in addition to ceramic tile products made in the province, fuzhou on most tiles are produced in guangdong, the guangdong products both in quality, style or brand, also has won the acceptance of most consumers. Used is the consumer psychology, some undesirable businessman as 'ou dian incident' in the floor, it will not be made in guangdong decking tile just bag packing for the products made in guangdong, cheat customer, in an effort to illegal profits. Switched behavior while consumers take a fancy to the brand product in the store, but only to find some undesirable businessman took the switch behavior, to be sent to the consumer when it is in the home design and color is same style of other brands of ceramic tile. If there is any discrepancy in the consumer, the returned goods, if consumers don't see a flaw, has the opportunity to earn the difference.
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