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Buy ceramic tile how should choose?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-03
is the most commonly used in the family decoration materials, sometimes the metope of the finishing does not look flat, or in use after a period of time, there will be a dark watermark trace, very affect beautiful, these situations besides workers construction problems, and some issues are inherent in ceramic tile. Below small make up to introduce how to choose ceramic tile, and what are the ceramic tile species. is how to choose 1, as far as possible selection is given priority to with polished tile. Because of polishing brick surface level off, under the reflection of light or let whole space appear very neat, and the place of ceramic tile juncture, there will be no sag to avoid the old man or children because ability to walk is not convenient and fall. 2, the appropriate specification. Specifications of the selected not only for people's habits, more is the location of human body engineering. Such as: the kitchen toilet ground usually choose 300 * 300 prevent slippery brick, metope is usually choose the decking tile of 300 * 450. Space is large guest restaurant or I am usually choose the ceramic tile of 800 * 800, will feel comfortable in the visual. If choose the brick of 600 * 600 will appear petty, and in the process of the shop is stuck there would be too much loss. 3, the right color. Now the color of ceramic tile is very much, want to according to the overall tone. First, not too dark, if it is too dark the whole space appears very depressed. Too bright at the top will appear in the problems such as anti. 4, ceramic tile to buy according to the actual need to buy a few more, to prevent to produce individual appear flaw, in the short term can't buy the ceramic tile with the same trouble. And including plate, sheet produced under the same template and the color of ceramic tile is different, avoid to produce off color. 5, the decking tile of choose and buy. Can see ceramic tile surface, the higher the gloss, ceramic tile sintered density, the better; Listen to the voice, good ceramic tile is the voice of the high density is more ringing, and lively; Weighing, good ceramic tile weight is bigger; Wet, good after high temperature ceramic tile, bibulous rate is low, the water will not spread on ceramic tile; Grinding, good ceramic tile more wear-resisting. 6, order. When buying the ceramic tile of kitchen and bathroom, balcony, first choose wall brick and granite floor tiles, adhere to the principle of simple after first. What types of ceramic tile 1 and archaize brick archaize outdoor wood deck tiles in the domestic market also occupies the important proportion, in the international ceramic tile market, also only Spain, Italy, are largely to blame for our home archaize brick innovation have not reached a perfect level. Lack of innovation is not terrible, terrible is not new can be created. So, what kind of ceramic tile good general domestic outfit? You are not sure what kind of ceramic tile good general home outfit, consider archaize brick! 2, glazed tile, glazed pottery, is common in household ground adornment material. Due to the surface of the brick is rich in design and design and color, so the glazed tile is quite popular among consumers. So what is a good ceramic tile general domestic outfit? Choose glazed pottery is good too. Strong surface strength, bending degree, can be used as a wall brick and granite floor tiles decorative, heat resistance, cold resistance and prevent seepage, daily cleaning and maintenance is very convenient, complete specifications, scope of choice space is large. What is a good ceramic tile general domestic outfit? Small make up recommend glazed pottery of the biggest drawback is that there is no polishing brick as wear-resisting. 3, polishing brick, ceramic tile production technology level unceasing enhancement, along with our country the improvement of the quality of ceramic tile have greater, quality also is the international leading level. What is a good ceramic tile general domestic outfit? Consider polishing brick and have a look. Right Angle, the bottom of the wear-resisting degree is more than twice as high in the international standard, the processing technology of ceramic tile also is higher than abroad ceramic tile, on seamless splicing, for the accuracy of the polishing brick is also very high, which makes the quality of the polishing brick is more than the international ceramic tile. Generally an outfit with what good ceramic tile, polished tile wear-resisting performance and perfect artistic design, will give you another wonderful. 4, outdoor wood deck tiles wood grain brick is a kind of ceramic tile, because its surface shape of wooden floor, and the natural texture of wooden floor, so just have wood grain brick. What is a good decking tile general domestic outfit? So hesitating generally what kind of ceramic tile good outfit, the choice of the wood grain brick! There are wooden floor adornment effect, also has the advantage of ceramic tile. Is environmental protection product modernization ground material. Only need hard wax to make maintenance intervals conclusion: what about how to choose ceramic tile and ceramic tile types is introduced to here, hope to be of help. Want to know more get to know each other, can focus on this website information.
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