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Bo changes a brick, and what is the difference between the glazed ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-28

without the decoration of the ground building is decorated, some people use wooden floor to decorate the floor, others decorated with granite floor tiles. At present, there are many kinds of the kinds of granite floor tiles on the market, provides consumers with many choices, such as bo changes a brick, glazed ceramic tiles, etc. But some of these are not very understanding, so the choice is more difficult. Bo changes a brick and all glazed ceramic tile difference in where?

1。 Different process: bo changes a brick body is made after high temperature treatment, so it has higher hardness, and low water absorption. And all glazed ceramic body is made by high temperature, but less so in the process of its production strictly, so its hardness is lower than bo changes a brick.

2。 Different appearance: bo changes a brick texture than the whole of a lot of texture single glazed ceramic, the glazed ceramic in the process of making it to the requirement of texture is higher, its glaze not only through the polishing processing, and its production processes when the body than bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is more complex. So full of glazed ceramic texture choice than bo changes a brick a lot more, but the price also will be higher.

3。 Different characteristics: bo changes a brick and what is the difference between the glazed ceramic? All the color and pattern of glazed ceramic is more, and its surface is bright and its pattern is more exquisite and at the same time, no rough feeling, at the same time it's surface through special processing, so there is a strong resistance to wear. And bo changes a brick after high temperature formed the mullite, such as a variety of crystal, makes it have strong pollution resistance and corrosion resistance.

bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles and glazed outdoor ceramic tile difference where it is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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