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Bo changes a brick, and what is the difference between the glazed ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-28

it is well known that the interior decoration of the bedroom is inseparable from some basic furniture and decorations, ground laid granite floor tiles is also indispensable, of course, with it we will be more convenient when cleaning, tile floor but now there's a lot of material, such as solid wood and stone are the two most common, but a lot of material after processing is difficult to see true and false, so how to choose? Today is to introduce you to bo changes a brick and what is the difference between the glazed outdoor ceramic tile?

bo changes a brick and all glazed ceramic difference is mainly for the production process and characteristics of some small, so we must be careful when choosing to distinguish, first we need to know is in bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, and on the market at present all glazed ceramic is almost the same products, so their body structure is the same; Bo changes a brick of hardness is very high, so in the process of production need to be treated with high temperature, bibulous rate is extremely low, the glazed ceramic high-temperature production but also need to require a little bit low.

bo changes a brick, outdoor wood deck tiles surface texture is simpler, the glazed ceramic is more complex, so the production processes of various nudging the color rendering, this is also one of the reasons it less wear. All glazed ceramic in texture have more better choice than bo changes a brick, but its price is relatively higher. Obviously both have their own advantages, so we in the choice can be decided according to his be fond of.

all glazed ceramic is a kind of polishing process of glaze on a special glaze formula, is applied to a final glaze, archaize brick on the market at present basically has transparent glaze surface and the surface of the transparent convex flower glaze, brick surface smooth and bright, rich patterns, thick gorgeous color, very suitable for family use. Surface characteristics; Were shining brilliantly, level not protruding, natural texture clear, and the upper transparent glaze as if covered with a layer of crystal membrane, after combining the three-dimensional look distinct, you can choose according to these to differentiate.

bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is a kind of body brick, quartz sand and mud fired according to certain proportion to make polished don't need polishing, high hardness is one of the most hard in all outdoor ceramic tile, bibulous rate and edge straight degree of acid and alkali are better than ordinary brick stone material.

bo changes a brick, and what is the difference between the glazed outdoor ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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