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Bathroom tiles renderings, non-slip bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-02

The effect drawing of bathroom tiles: floor tiles 800*800, 600*600, 300*300, wall tiles 300*450, 300*600. Pasting tiles should be determined according to these specifications and the location of pasting: the price of floor tiles is that the smaller the specifications, the higher the price, and so does the wall tiles. Because the smaller the wall tiles, the more difficult the construction. The butt joint and vertical flatness of the outdoor wood deck tiles joints are more difficult to grasp, and the workers consume more man-hours.

Effect drawing of bathroom tile: if the decorator is responsible for labor + accessories + tiles, the cost of tile will inevitably be higher. The general price is more than 60 yuan (the cost is mainly based on your choice of tile specifications, brand and quality. The better the quality of the tiles, the higher the price. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended that the owner choose this way of tiling tiles. , Because in terms of ceramic tiles, it is easy for decoration companies to quote inferior products as superior products, and it is the owner who suffers.

Imitation of bathroom tiles: imitation of tiles The objects are not limited to wood and stone. In addition to the common wood-grain bricks and marble tiles, various categories such as imitation leather, imitation cultural stone, imitation wallpaper are very common, and the effect is realistic. The owner can choose the appropriate tiles according to the style requirements. Glossy solid wood floor, this gentle and elegant material matches the beige walls and furniture, it is a perfect match. There are six old tiles on the wall, which also record the owner's childhood when he ran through the hall Laughter. The combination of floor and tiles can be shown as a classic masterpiece. For the hard material of tiles, how to use it as soft as water is the taste of the designer and the skill of the paving worker.

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