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Bathroom tile size

by:JIABANG     2021-06-09

   Speaking of decoration, we all know that the most troublesome thing is the decoration of the bathroom. Whether it is from the perspective of practicality and appearance, or from the perspective of Feng Shui, there are quite a lot of exquisites, so this issue is small The editor will briefly talk about the size selection of bathroom tiles and some related precautions. I hope it can help you! (Toilet tile size)

   1. When decorating the bathroom to pave the tiles, you must choose the correct tiles. The wall tiles and floor tiles used in the general bathroom mainly include Mosaic, vitrified tiles and outdoor ceramic tile, the most popular among consumers is glazed tiles, because the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom will not be very large, so the size to buy is not very large, generally speaking, the size of common glazed tiles There are 250×330mm, 300×300mm, 300×400mm, of which 300×300mm glazed tiles are suitable for use as bathroom floor tiles, and the size of the wall tiles needs to be determined according to the size of the bathroom. Be sure to measure the size of the bathroom in the room before you buy it!

  2. Don’t buy these kinds of sizes for paving because of the common ones mentioned above, because the size of bathroom floor tiles does not have a certain standard, mainly according to the individual You can choose a granite floor tiles with a size of 300*300 if the bathroom space in your home is relatively small. If the bathroom space is relatively large and you are pursuing high-end decoration effects, you can choose a size of 300*600mm or 300*. 450mm floor tiles. This is also possible, but it will be relatively more expensive.

  3. When buying tiles for the bathroom, pay attention to the types of tiles. Don’t buy them randomly. Because the bathroom is absolutely special and often slippery, you should choose non-slip tiles. The brightness of the tiles is determined according to the brightness of the bathroom. If the tiles are too bright, use matt tiles, and generally, the stain resistance of the tiles should be paid attention to for bright tiles. Otherwise, when it's your turn to take care of hygiene, there will be hardships!

   Anyway, there are still a lot of attention to the selection and paving of tiles in the bathroom, so you must pay more attention to it, because once you start laying bricks, it is difficult to go back! If you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to our official website! We have the most authoritative consultation, which will definitely help you with your decoration! Finally, thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Toilet tile size)


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