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Bathroom tile maintenance _ bathroom tile cleaning tips

by:JIABANG     2021-06-10

  The bathroom is a more important place in our house. It will become dirty over time. For some ordinary stains, you can clean them with cotton cloth dipped in water and detergent, but some dirt needs some methods. The editor will introduce it below. Tips for cleaning bathroom tiles.

   The glaze layer of the bathroom glazed tile is a very dense substance. Colored liquid or dirt will not penetrate into the brick body. Use a rag to moisten the brick surface with water or add some The cleaning spirit can wipe the brick surface to remove the dirt on the brick surface. If it is a tile with a strong sense of unevenness and a lot of dust is squeezed in the uneven gap, use a brush and then rinse with water to remove the dirt on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface.   1. Brush with appropriate amount of toothpaste: Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste on the brush, and then directly scrub the joints of the tiles. The direction of the joints of the tiles is longitudinal, so when scrubbing, you should also scrub longitudinally, so that the oil can be cleaned. The main raw materials of the tile joints are putty and white cement, so it is difficult to wipe off the grease after sticking to it, and toothpaste has a strong cleaning effect, so choose it as a cleaning tool. 2. Candle smearing and wiping: lightly smear the candle on the joints of the tiles, first apply it vertically, so that the joints can be evenly smeared with the candle; then apply it horizontally, so that the thickness of the candle can be increased. The same as the thickness of the tiles. 3. Juice treatment on bathroom tiles: use sodium hypochlorite diluent (bleach) for tea stains, fruit stains, coffee sauce vinegar and other stains, soak it for 2030 minutes and then wipe it off with a cloth; some stains that have penetrated into the tiles for a long time, soak It takes several hours.  4. Treatment of bathroom tile ink and mildew spots: Use sodium hypochlorite diluent (bleaching agent) for the mildew spots formed by ink and antifouling wax. When using, just apply bleach to the stain and soak for a few minutes to wipe it off.  5. Treatment of bathroom cement, rust and oil stains: Use hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid solution for cement, scale, scale, and rust spots, and rub it several times. Use alkaline cleaners or organic solvents (acetone, triethylene) for paint, oil stains, oily markers, and surface anti-fouling wax layer, and paint and oil stain remover.   Bathroom tile cleaning tips are introduced here, if you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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