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Balcony tiles and wall tiles color Recommended colors for balcony tiles and wall tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-04-29

  For people in the city, the balcony is very important. Not only can people enjoy the scenery of high-rise buildings, but they can also let people bask in the sun. Having a sunny balcony is a very happy thing. In particular, some better balconies also provide people with a place to rest. The editor below will introduce the recommended colors of balcony tiles and wall tiles.

  The balcony can choose dark tiles. The specific color depends on the function. If it is a balcony landscape, then it can be pasted with dark tiles. If it is an ordinary living balcony, it is still recommended to paste a light color. Kitchens and kitchens also have the same living room stickers. If it is an ordinary home improvement (modern and simple style), then I recommend the same as the living room stickers. I generally suggest that the living room is the same as the balcony, as long as it is a modern and simple client, because the house is relatively small now, so the house will feel bigger and newer. There are also many customers who request this kind of balcony wall tile color.  You can choose light-colored tiles for the balcony.   It is best to use light-colored tiles for the balcony, which are generally whiter and feel more refreshing. Neutral colors can also be warm, such as beige and wood. Do not use dark colors, such as large red and dark brown. Due to the bright lights on the balcony, especially some better balconies, plus the balcony is a room for rest and cool clothes, a relaxed atmosphere is needed, so the wall tiles on the balcony are better and lighter in color.  Balcony can choose black and white tiles   If your home is a simple style, then you may wish to consider some very common, very simple, or very vague patterned tiles. Black and white are fine. This tile is in the house, which secretly lifts your taste.  You can choose warm tiles on the balcony.  If your home is European style, then the choice method of closing hands from Europe is the starting point for most families. You can choose some warm colors, yellow, gold, and more tiles on the wall to increase the atmosphere and embellishment of the whole house.  The recommended colors of balcony tiles and wall tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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