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Balcony tile method Precautions for balcony tile construction

by:JIABANG     2021-04-28

The balcony is a place for people to relax and relax, so when decorating, people also like to spend a lot of thought and energy on building a balcony. In the balcony decoration, the most important thing is the choice of balcony tiles. As the saying goes, 'three-point product, seven-point installationSo what is the method of tiling on the balcony? What are the precautions for balcony tile construction? Next, let us reveal them one by one. Balcony tile method ■Before mixing and preparing the adhesive, the tiles should not be soaked in water, but use a wire brush to remove the loose material on the back of the outdoor wood deck tiles, and wipe off the floating dust on the back of the brick with a damp cloth. Then put the water or emulsion in the mixing tank according to the ratio recommended by the manufacturer and stir until the binder is uniform and free of lumps. After initial mixing, the binder should be left in the mixing tank until the manufacturer's recommended curing time has passed, and then be stirred before use. ■Use the straight edge of a toothed spatula that meets the thickness of the required adhesive layer to batch the mixed adhesive onto the base surface, and comb the adhesive layer into a uniform strip along the direction of the tile seam. The purpose is to control the thickness and dosage of the adhesive and to make the tile paste area more uniform. ■Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the back of the tiles before laying the tiles. Although this double batch method uses more materials and man-hours, it can guarantee the quality and durability of the paste. ■Tile the tiles during the drying time of the adhesive, lay the prepared tiles in place, and gently rub them perpendicular to the combing direction to exhaust the air under the tiles. After the paving is in place, tap it with a rubber hammer, and adjust the surface flatness and the straightness of the seams with a cross positioning frame of appropriate size. ■Timely clean up the paved brick surface should be cleaned up in time, especially to remove the remaining adhesive on it. The qualified binder is not easy to be removed even on the surface of the decking tile after it is hardened. The cleaned tile surface should be immediately placed with signs for isolation to avoid contamination or disturbance until the next caulking process. Precautions for the construction of balcony tiles ① Try not to get the tiles wet, keep 6-8mm gray seams according to the vertical and horizontal lines and paste them firmly, and then do the caulking treatment. It is best not to construct in rainy days to avoid the increase of cement dirt. ②After caulking, use a wood board or other tools to scrape off the large ash to highlight the three-dimensional effect of the outdoor wood deck tiles. The residual cement on the surface of the tile must wait for it to turn white (that is, when it is dry but not solidified), use dry cloth or saw foam (sawdust) ), large sand, clean the surface cement, (be careful not to use a wet cloth), cloth strips, sponges, etc., should be wiped and changed frequently. ③After it has completely solidified, use a long-handled chemical fiber roller brush to dip 20%-30% hydrochloric acid solution for full cleaning, and then rinse with clean water. At this time, be careful to prevent the hydrochloric acid from contaminating people and clothing. Editor's summary: The above is an introduction to the balcony tile method and the precautions for balcony tile construction. I hope to help friends who have this need!

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